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Zhengzhou Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., located in the Central Plains, has made great achievements and stood out in the hinterland of the central plains where the business war is fierce after the resolute reform and structural adjustment in recent years

Zhengzhou Aluminum Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in aluminum smelting, calendering and sales. It has 7 production plants and 9 functional offices, including electrolytic aluminum, aluminum casting and rolling, aluminum hot rolling, aluminum cold rolling, aluminum extrusion, aluminum decoration and mechanical repair. The current annual production capacity of main products is 9100 tons and 1450 tons of ordinary aluminum ingots × 0.05-10 aluminum plate, strip and foil 30000 tons, 1450 × 6-8 aluminum cast rolling coil plate is 30000 tons, various aluminum profiles are 2500 tons, alloy bars are 6000 tons, aluminum doors and windows are 20 square meters, and the annual comprehensive production capacity is nearly 80000 tons

since the reform and opening up, Zhengzhou Aluminum Co., Ltd. has made remarkable development by virtue of its superior resources, transportation and cultural advantages, being brave in competition and continuous innovation. Especially in recent years, Zhengzhou Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. has taken the reform as an opportunity to seize the market and opportunities outside, grasp the reform, transformation and management inside, and take great strides to implement the technical transformation project of aluminum plate, strip and foil. The enterprise's products have changed from "quality" to deep processing and fine processing, and from "quantity" to improving the production scale

the aluminum sheet, strip and foil technical transformation project, which marks the start and take-off of Zhengzhou Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., started construction in 1997. In 1999, it was identified as a "key enterprise for industrial product structure adjustment" by the provincial government and received important support in terms of funds and policies. With the participation, support and joint efforts of all parties, the phase I of the aluminum sheet, strip and foil technical transformation project was put into trial production in October 2000

in 2001, the company produced 18500 tons of high-quality aluminum sheet and strip, with a monthly output of more than 2000 tons, reaching the production standard, making the company's product variety, grade and quality to a new level and becoming a new star in the aluminum processing industry in Henan Province

the structural adjustment project has achieved great success, which has benefited Zhengzhou Aluminum Co., Ltd. In the past, aluminum smelting and rough processing were mainly used, but now deep processing with high added value and high technology content is mainly used, and the economic benefits have been significantly improved. Compared with 2001 and 2000 alone, the total industrial output value reached 320million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 45%; The sales revenue was 300million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 44%; The industrial added value was 41.34 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 47%; The tax was 9million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 158%; During the "1035" period of the aluminum sheet, strip and foil product project, biodegradable materials will usher in more development opportunities, with a profit of 12million yuan, and the company's actual profit of 5million yuan, an increase of 500%; Both the production and marketing rate and the capital yield reached 100%

implementing the "two governance projects", creating enterprise culture and improving people's quality -- Zhengzhou Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. has laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of the enterprise, and creating an advanced enterprise culture with the characteristics of the times is the prerequisite and internal requirement to promote the rapid development of Zhengzhou Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. Over the past few years, Zhengzhou Aluminum Co., Ltd. has extensively carried out the enterprise culture project with the core concept of "governing the enterprise by law and virtue" among all employees, so as to comprehensively improve the quality of employees and realize the modernization of people

the "rule of law and rule of virtue" project is the core of the corporate culture of Zhengzhou Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. according to the great strategy of "rule of law" and "rule of virtue" put forward by Comrade Jiang Zemin, actively learn from and absorb the advanced enterprise management theories and achievements at all times and in all countries, try to combine the rule of law and rule of virtue to operate and manage the enterprise, and use two means of system and ideological perception to manage employees and develop the enterprise, It is the concrete practice and extension of the party's general plan for governing the country in the management of state-owned enterprises. The "two governance" project has made great efforts in training the staff spirit and standardizing the staff behavior

the goal of Zhengzhou Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is to "diversify property rights, specialize in new products, strive for first-class in the country, and take the first place in Henan". It clarifies that the mission of the enterprise and its employees is to make greater contributions to Henan and even the whole country, arouses the employees' sense of honor and pride, and requires employees to have a long-term, sharp vision, great vision, practical spirit and high efficiency, so as to finally achieve a satisfactory solution and maximize the benefits

when I entered Zhengzhou Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., I was first attracted by the gradual weakening of its garden like plant market mentality. The road was covered with green grass. Along with the green grass in the RFT folder were magnolia trees, walnut trees and loquat trees, which seemed to symbolize infinite vitality and the eternal prosperity of the cause. When zhangyixiang, vice governor of Henan Province, visited the company, he said that there were "three innovations": new plants, new personnel and new spiritual outlook

focusing on shaping and building the corporate culture, the company combines the values of the enterprise with the employment standards in its daily operation; Put the requirements of corporate culture into corporate training; Integrate the requirements of corporate culture into the assessment and evaluation of employees. Combine the corporate culture with the communication mechanism to gradually form a sense of identity in the minds of employees. In order to educate people with culture and improve the overall quality of the team, a series of effective activities have been carried out

Zhengzhou Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., developing large markets, developing large processing and making great contributions, is writing a loud and clear war song in the new century

according to the analysis and prediction of the domestic market, the consumption of aluminum plate and strip in China will reach 1.1 million tons and the consumption of aluminum foil will reach 185000 tons by 2005; By 2010, it will reach 1.4 million tons and 230000 tons respectively

however, there is a large gap between China's current comprehensive actual supporting production capacity and expected demand. Internationally, the imbalance between production and demand leads to the active import and export trade of aluminum sheet and strip

located in the resource center and transportation hub, Zhengzhou Aluminum Co., Ltd. should become a super large production enterprise focusing on the deep-processing products of aluminum plates, strips and foils in the face of broad market prospects

Henan is not only a big province of aluminum resources, but also a big province of tobacco, medicine, food and PS plate base production. The strong demand for aluminum foil products in these industries is a powerful driving force for Zhengzhou Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. to achieve the next grand goal

Zhengzhou Aluminum Co., Ltd. lost no time in formulating the long-term goal of combining enterprise development with social contribution

the overall development idea of the enterprise is: during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" - 2010, the enterprise will be built into a product series focusing on the production of aluminum plate, strip and foil processing products, forming a product series with multiple varieties, specifications, specialization, scale and high added value. The leading products are 1450-1600 × 0.006-2 cast, hot, cold, foil rolled aluminum flat plate, aluminum coil plate, cable strip, air conditioning foil, packaging foil, PS plate base, double zero foil, can plate of various specifications and processes. About 600million yuan will be invested to make the comprehensive production capacity of plate, strip and foil products reach 280000 tons, and 120000 tons of final products. At the same time, we will lose no time in participating in the construction of large-scale aluminum processing bases

the company's specific development plan is to build two production lines, namely, casting and rolling blank supply and hot continuous rolling blank supply, to form 120000 tons of final plate, strip and foil products, with a sales revenue of 2.5 billion yuan and a profit and tax of 300million yuan

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