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In the first half of the year, the frequency of administrative penalties for coal mine safety increased by more than 90%

according to the State Administration of work safety, nearly 2. On the working day of fatigue testing machine based on the principle of electromagnetic resonance, the State Administration of coal mine safety issued a notice on the national coal mine safety supervision and law enforcement in the first half of the year. The notice shows that since this year, all parts of the country have effectively strengthened supervision according to law, and the law enforcement and punishment of coal mine safety production have been significantly increased, with the number and frequency of administrative punishment increased by more than 90% in both months

according to statistics, the provincial bureaus implemented 3967 administrative punishments in January, an increase of 1898 times year-on-year, an increase of 91.7%; The administrative penalty was 332.528 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 161.0189 million yuan, an increase of 93.9%, of which the supervision penalty was 275.61 million yuan, an increase of 155 million yuan, an increase of 128.5%. In addition, the number of administrative penalties such as ordering production suspension for rectification, stopping mining face operations, stopping the use of relevant facilities and equipment, temporarily suspending work safety licenses, revoking work safety licenses, and applying for closure also increased year-on-year. There are four specific characteristics:

first, the number of Mines monitored and the number of potential accidents investigated increased

provincial bureaus monitored a total of 6431 mines, an increase of 1411, an increase of 28.1%; 10256 mines were monitored, an increase of 3615 mines year-on-year, an increase of 54.4%. A total of 102390 general hidden dangers were investigated and dealt with, an increase of 63715, an increase of 164.7%; 587 major hidden dangers were investigated and dealt with, an increase of 210 or 55.7% year-on-year

the second is the normalization of surprise spot check and random spot check

the provincial bureaus used the method of surprise spot check to find problem clues, adopted random spot check and other methods to strengthen law enforcement, supervised 2995 mines in total, investigated and dealt with 171 major hidden dangers, imposed a fine of 68.93566 million yuan, ordered 75 coal mines to stop production for rectification, ordered 538 mining provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) to stop operations, and temporarily withheld 121 work safety licenses

the third is to advance preventive supervision and improve the pertinence of supervision and law enforcement

Beijing, Hebei, Fujian, Shandong, Anhui, Henan, Hunan, Guangxi, Shaanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang and other provincial bureaus strengthen the supervision and law enforcement of enterprise decision-making, management and technology, and adopt the methods of listening to the development and deployment of coal mining enterprises, mining layout and production continuity, annual production plan arrangement, major disaster management report in advance, Find and urge the rectification of the problems existing in the main production safety system of the coal mine as early as possible, and determine the key areas, key aspects and key links for the next supervision

fourth, strengthen the investigation in advance, and force the enterprise main body to implement the

Heilongjiang Bureau to seriously hold accountable for eight attempted accidents that did not cause casualties. 60 people were investigated, including 3 deputy mine level and 12 section level managers who were removed from their posts by the administration. Shandong Bureau implemented hidden danger investigation, and 86 people were held accountable, including 74 administrative sanctions and 12 Party disciplinary sanctions. 11 principals of coal mining enterprises with large safety gaps and many problems were interviewed. Zhengzhou branch of Henan province carried out 9 investigations for major hidden dangers and violations of laws and regulations, and 57 personnel were held accountable. Sichuan Bureau made it clear that there are five situations in which coal mining enterprises start the supervision procedure, forcing enterprises to establish a safety distance traceability system for the whole process of safety production, with a total of 51 people being held accountable, including 29 people being punished by the party and government discipline, 22 people being organized to deal with, and the power frequency being transferred to the company is 50Hz; 3. 6 person times of legal organs. Since the implementation of the special work of comprehensive safety "physical examination", Yunnan Bureau has investigated and dealt with 39 typical cases, including 11 coal mines fined more than 500000 yuan, and the single supervision fine of Tuqiao coal mine in Fuyuan County reached 2.38 million yuan

the State Administration of work safety and the Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau require that in the next step, the provincial bureaus should make every effort to carry out a major inspection of coal mine safety production, promote the self inspection and self-improvement of coal mining enterprises and the comprehensive safety "physical examination" of coal mines through the major inspection, comprehensively investigate and treat major disasters and hidden dangers in coal mines, pay close attention to the implementation of various safety precautions and measures, and create a stable safety production environment for the victory of the 19th CPC National Congress

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