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How about starting with HTC vive Pro McLaren limited edition? Real use evaluation experience

this HTC vive Pro McLaren limited edition is recommended by the evaluation post. I planted this HTC VR glasses behind, and have used them for a period of time. Share the real use evaluation of this HTC vive Pro McLaren limited edition for my friends to choose and reference

htc vive Pro McLaren limited edition real use evaluation:

this HTC vive Pro McLaren limited edition was started in an East, which is much cheaper than the physical store. At the first sight of arrival, I feel very dazzling in appearance and good in texture. After using it, I say the use view: say the bad place, I wear glasses, and the front is very clear, but the squint side will be blurred, the ventilation is not very good, and it is easy to steam out when it is hot. Although there are some disadvantages, the positioning of this VR is accurate! stable! The experience is excellent, and I hope to expand the visual field in the future! Immersion is very strong! Very good. I'm quite satisfied with it now I hope it can help you choose reference

configuration features:

vive Pro McLaren limited edition, equipped with a first-class virtual reality system, draws inspiration from the team's iconic papaya orange and blue color scheme, and has a sense of fashion and technology

vive Pro McLaren limited edition is suitable for McLaren garage VR experience and rFactor 2 McLaren edition VR racing games. This is a customized VR content jointly released by vive studios and McLaren


htc vive Pro McLaren limited edition is currently in HTC (vive) jd.com - --- Tian Huafeng, Associate Professor/doctor of the school of materials and mechanical engineering, Beijing Industrial and Commercial University. The price of the self operated flagship store is ¥ 1088 to avoid poisoning and loss of data 8.00 (click here to view). Friends in need, you may wish to check the latest activity quotation in jd.com's self operated store


this exclusive version of McLaren based on HTC vive Pro will become the official virtual reality device of McLaren electric competition shadow project. In addition to the bright orange color matching representing the McLaren team around the front camera, the menu keys and lanyards of the double handle are presented in orange. In addition, the package also includes the 2018 new handle and the new version of positioning base station 2.0

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