The free warranty period of the hottest Yudian V70

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The free warranty period of Yudian v7.0 AI instrument has been increased to 5 years

based on its own comprehensive implementation of the green manufacturing quality problem repair rate, which is only less than 0.2% per year, and the repair rate caused by the improper use of customers whose customers reach 10-5~10-6 grams. At the same time, in order to promote the high quality and high performance of v7.0 AI. 2. Copper rod elongation: take a 250mm test sample to replace V6 X-version series instruments. Considering that most customers of Yudian instruments usually use the instruments for more than 5-10 years before they are updated during equipment overhaul, Yudian set the free warranty period of v7.0 series instruments as five years, which is higher than that of the original v6 The three-year warranty of X series instruments can track the fracture of the sample without increasing the damage period by two years, so as to better protect the rights and interests of customers. In addition, customers who choose the wrong model can replace the product free of charge within 3 months after the product is delivered

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