The freezing point tester of the hottest antifreez

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Antifreeze freezing point tester has reliable principle and convenient operation.

antifreeze freezing point tester is a precision optical instrument for measuring the freezing point of antifreeze. Its basic principle is to use the total reflection critical angle method to measure the refractive index of the solution, and then calibrate the concentration of the measured liquid. It is necessary to establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria, industry standards and performance of plastic force displacement (deformation) curve material granulator equipment. Because of its reliable principle, accuracy can meet the actual needs, and has the advantages of small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, convenient use and so on, it is widely used in the automotive industry

operation method of antifreeze freezing point tester:

1. Lift the cover plate and wipe the surface of the cover plate and prism with a soft flannelette

2. Drop the liquid to be measured on the surface of the prism with a straw, close the cover plate and gently press it, turn the freezing point tester towards the bright place, rotate the eyepiece to make the score line in the field of view clear, and read the value of the light dark boundary on the corresponding scale on the dividing board

3. After the test, wipe the cover plate and prism surface with a soft flannelette, clean the straw, and store the instrument in the packaging box

4. When measuring the battery fluid, be careful not to sprinkle it on the skin and eyes to prevent burns. Wipe the instrument carefully after the test

antifreeze freezing point tester features:

compact, compact structure

ultra fast and high precision

direct injection or connection to automatic sampler

fully built in: built in cold bath, no external cold bath is required, only power supply is required

true color 10.4 inch touch LCD screen, no connection to computer, direct display of analysis results and analyzer status

can store more than 10000 analysis results, Digital image display analysis results

the same analyzer can have four functions: freezing point, pour point, cloud point and freezing point

the development of graphene has been funded since 2007. The remote communication between the built-in modem and the analyzer can directly obtain the "analysis results and fault diagnosis in recent years"

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