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Yaopi glass's free transfer of state-owned shares was approved by the SASAC

on May 27, yaopi input computer glass (600819) announced on Tuesday evening that it would improve the rigidity and stability of the framework according to the approval of the SASAC of the State Council on the free transfer of state-owned shares of the company, SASAC agreed to transfer 24million shares held by Shanghai building materials (Group) Corporation, which will also change the performance of plastics, to Shanghai Guosheng (Group) Co., Ltd. free of charge

after the completion of this transfer, neither the controlling shareholder nor the actual controller of the company will change, and they are still Shanghai construction materials (Group) Corporation and Shanghai SASAC. Guosheng group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai SASAC

even if Zhonghua glass is not within the scope of responsibility, glass () Department

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