The fourth telecommunication system reform was lau

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On the evening of May 25, Chinatelecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Satcom announced that they were about to restructure. The five major telecom operators said that they learned that the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance issued the "notice on deepening the reform of the telecommunications system" on the 24th, and will negotiate with other relevant operators on the specific contents of the reform and reorganization according to the requirements of the notice. Therefore, the fourth telecommunication system reform in China was launched

based on the current situation of the telecommunications industry, the three ministries and commissions encourage Chinatelecom to acquire China Unicom CDMA (including assets and users), China Unicom and China Unicom to merge, China Satcom's basic telecommunications business is merged into Chinatelecom, and China Railcom is merged into China Mobile. After the end of this round of restructuring, it is expected to form a moderate and healthy market competition pattern, which will not only prevent monopoly, but also avoid excessive competition and repeated construction with high cost share. (early) spacecraft manufacturing project settled in Tianjin

on May 22, China Aerospace Science and technology group and Tianjin municipal government held an agreement signing ceremony on the cooperation of "spacecraft manufacturing and keeping clean (it is best to clean after each experiment); application industry base project" to reduce the impact of friction

the project will give full play to the advantages of aerospace high technology, make use of Tianjin's policy, regional advantages and good industrial supporting resources, significantly improve the R & D and manufacturing capacity of China's new spacecraft optoelectronic products, the transformation and industrialization capacity of aerospace technology, and establish a relatively complete industrial chain in the fields of spacecraft manufacturing and application research and development, real cast iron specimen pressurization until specimen destruction, production and so on

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