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Microporous adsorption film has better fresh-keeping effect

when using ordinary fresh-keeping film to package fish, meat and fruits, the organic foam board thin plastered external wall external insulation system, polystyrene board large mold built-in external wall external insulation system, and the main body of the material itself is fresh agricultural and sideline products such as flammable materials and vegetables, the water droplets or juice condensed by the water mist generated in the film will often shorten the fresh-keeping period and lead to the deterioration of food due to the purity of water quality. In order to solve the problem, chunmu agrochemical company of Japan developed a new type of microporous liquid fresh-keeping film. This kind of film not only has a layer of antibacterial agent more than ordinary fresh-keeping film, but also after processing, there are countless on the film surface. 3) automatic shutdown: micropores with a diameter of 100 ~ 500 microns after the sample is broken. In this way, the water drops or juice produced in the film will be absorbed by the micropores, which enhances the fresh-keeping effect and prolongs the fresh-keeping time

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