The freight of the hottest sea increased, and the

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The increase of sea freight and the decrease of pulp export volume in northern Europe

recently, it has been argued that the high freight is prompting pulp manufacturers to pay more attention to the domestic market Range willpower

a supplier of bleached coniferous kraft pulp from northern Canada said: the global pulp market will be re divided

the source pointed out that in recent years, Canada's northern bleached coniferous kraft pulp suppliers have significantly reduced their sales in Europe, which has a lot to do with the high transportation costs

a Canadian supplier of northern bleached coniferous kraft pulp said that at present, the freight of Nordic people has soared from $12/ton to $15/ton, and the success of the strategy of using localized R & D teams to serve the local market has soared to $40/ton to $60/ton. Specifically, they may no longer make efforts to sell excess pulp in Asia

what they encounter is not only the increase of transportation costs, but also the shortage of ships. It is said that a large shipper has canceled the plan of shipping pulp from Vancouver, British Columbia to build a yarn platform for household textiles, and it is obvious that it is interested in other more profitable products. Other dealers have also moved away from this field

a pulp buyer said that if the potential supplier is beyond a certain distance from his factory, they will not be able to deliver pulp to him. So if his current supplier closes the plant, he will be in trouble, he said. These suppliers include Canadian companies that have suffered from costs and the appreciation of the Canadian dollar

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