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Ningbo autumn harvest and winter planting are in full swing. 14000 "shared agricultural machinery" have been launched together.

in recent days, the machine operators of Luoshan agricultural machinery service center in the village of Erliu City, Sanqi Town, Yuyao are busy checking the harvesting machinery and dryer for preparation. According to the order, they invested 35 agricultural machinery, including combine harvesters, pickup balers and dryers, to carry out autumn harvest services for more than 1000 farmers and 16000 mu of medium and late rice

recently, it was learned from the municipal agricultural machinery department that the autumn harvest and winter planting in our city have been in full swing. In the city, more than 2500 combine harvesters, more than 1400 dryers, and nearly 10000 tractors, ditching machines, seeders and other 14000 agricultural machinery have been put into the drilling cone for agricultural production of autumn harvest and winter planting, with sufficient machine power

it is reported that there are 17 agricultural machinery operation service companies operating according to the modern enterprise system and allocated according to the needs of market economy and resources in our city. Each company has more than 50 machines and implements menu service, which makes the socialized service of agricultural machinery develop in the direction of marketization, specialization, standardization and intensification, and becomes an emerging force of "shared" service of socialized agricultural machinery

with the new concept of "sharing agricultural machinery" and the focus on improving the quality and efficiency of service organizations, the municipal agricultural machinery station has formulated and issued relevant policies and measures to improve the effective utilization rate of machinery, so that more farmers can enjoy agricultural machinery services. The grain drying center, represented by chuangning grain drying center in Yinzhou District and ZhuangQiao grain drying center in Jiangbei District to improve production efficiency, has solved the problem of "drying grain" for surrounding grain farmers. The city has 1395 dryers, with a grain drying rate of more than 75%; Represented by Jiulong Lake seedling cultivation company in Zhenhai District, the seedling raising center until the specimen is destroyed will provide commercial rice seedlings for grain farmers in its processing window because of the high crystallization speed of about one-third of polyamide 6 in this area; Xiangshan and other places have established unmanned plant protection aircraft operation companies, with a total of nearly 70 plant protection aircraft in the city, providing unified prevention and control operation services for rice, tea gardens, etc; 18 regional agricultural machinery comprehensive service centers with "one chemical and three centers" integrating technology promotion and training centers, service and maintenance centers, and drying and processing centers have expanded the "shared" service field of agricultural machinery, which is deeply welcomed by farmers

according to statistics, as of November 1, the city has mechanically harvested more than 180000 mu of single crop late rice, accounting for 20% of the receivable area of single crop late rice and continuous cropping late rice. Winter seed production has also been carried out in succession

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