The hottest autumn decoration trend in 2008 glass

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08 autumn decoration popular trend glass materials are becoming more and more popular

autumn is the best season for decoration. With the increase of the number of new houses listed in the real estate market and the increase of the number of people who apply for occupancy, the decoration market has begun to become active again. Many home decoration companies have launched discount activities, and the construction materials market has also hung banners of product discounts. The decoration popular trend this autumn has changed a lot compared with the hot summer

Jiaozuo new energy company, a subsidiary of the company, signed an order contract for power batteries with xindayang company. From the perspective of home decoration as a whole, although glass is still in a subsidiary position, However, it has the unique advantages of "plastic bag industry with small profits, transparency, lightness, expanding space and so on. Moreover, targeted policies are formulated. With the development of glass making technology, the increase of glass types and the standard of glass punching technology, glass has the trend of" overtaking others and having great competitiveness "and has become the main material of home decoration

tempered glass is made of flat glass after special treatment. It has great strength, which is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary glass. It has good impact resistance, bending resistance, extreme cold and extreme heat resistance. Even if it is damaged, it is a small fragment without acute angle, which can greatly reduce the damage to human body. Therefore, it is most suitable to make all kinds of bathing utensils. I visited several building materials cities and found that the vast majority of glass baths on the market are tempered glass products. Glass basins are popular, with a very complete variety, including three types: on stage basins, off stage basins and Taichung basins, with a thickness ranging from 15 to 19 mm

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