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The automotive carbon fiber composite market will be a 100 billion market

international cooperation in the field of equipment continues to deepen. With the continuous tightening of energy-saving and emission reduction policies in the world, especially in China, major automotive enterprises have taken automotive lightweight as one of the important breakthroughs, and carbon fiber composite materials are considered to be automotive lightweight materials with great development potential because of their excellent properties such as lightweight, high strength and plasticity. Although car companies have been cautious about the application of carbon fiber because of its relatively high cost for a long time, the situation has changed

Gu Yongtao, President of China Hengrui Co., Ltd., said in a recent interview with Gaishi automobile:

"In 2014, when we communicated with major domestic OEMs, they thought that the carbon fiber composite scheme was very good and had relevant ideas, but the real layout should start from 2016. Major enterprises have been equipped with relevant personnel or experts of composite materials, and the interior consciously promoted lightweight. Now most OEMs have their own lightweight departments, with composite engineers, which is of great significance to the whole industry Industry is very good. "

according to its disclosure, at present, the value of mid-range models of carbon fiber composite bicycles is about several thousand yuan, and high-performance cars are even as high as hundreds of thousands of Yuan:

"I firmly believe that the automotive carbon fiber composite market will become a 100 billion market"

it is understood that at present, Hengrui has R & D or mass production cases from exterior trim parts, body in white to some structural parts. In terms of quantity, most domestic OEMs are cooperating and developing with them in the pre research or fixed-point projects of lightweight composite parts

it is worth noting that the cold winter in China's auto market continues from 2018 to early 2019, which will inevitably affect enterprises in the automotive sector, including carbon fiber parts enterprises. However, from the actual situation, the impact does not seem obvious, at least for Hengrui

on the one hand, despite the decline of the overall car market, the growth of luxury car market and new energy market is still very considerable, and the demand for carbon fiber composites in these two markets is also relatively rapid; On the other hand, although China's auto market has quietly bid farewell to the era of high growth, considering the low level of ownership per thousand people, the industry generally believes that China's auto consumption still has great development potential

in other words, for enterprises in the field of carbon fiber, China's automobile market is still a big cake. Therefore, whether to seize the opportunity is crucial for the long-term development of composite enterprises. As mentioned above, car enterprises have a certain process to accept lightweight materials such as carbon fiber or related processes, but it is obvious that relevant enterprises need to layout in advance

take Hengrui as an example. Although Hengrui did not start early in the field of carbon fiber, it is understood that Hengrui was one of the enterprises that focused on the industrialized mass production of automotive composite parts earlier. Gu Yongtao said:

"there are many domestic enterprises that make carbon fiber parts. At the beginning, there are many outlets, such as aerospace, wind energy, etc., and we have targeted the automotive industry from the beginning. Taking this as an incision to enter, we have made efforts in this market earlier, so now we can say that we have great advantages in both technical reserves and the accumulation of actual project experience."

&ems will gradually raise the piston of the oil cylinder p; From the action of Hengrui in recent years, it is improving its product strength through acquisition, cooperation and other ways

for example, in August 2018, Hengrui wholly acquired engenuity, a professional composite material design and analysis company in the UK, as a professional material analysis, design and engineering consulting business segment of Hengrui group, to participate in the development of its domestic automotive projects

at the same time, engenuity will also maintain its existing business and further expand its market globally as an independent company to serve more different types of customers. In addition, in March this year, Hengrui officially joined the lightweight alliance of AZL Aachen University of technology as its partner. AZL Aachen University of technology lightweight alliance specializes in the research and development of lightweight products, materials, production processes and systems focusing on the integration and combination of multiple process chains and multi material systems

not long ago, the joint venture with ALPEX, the world's leading supplier of composite parts manufacturing mold system, to set up a factory in China is a powerful combination of upstream and downstream industries, bringing international advanced supporting services to serve local customers in the form of a combination

it can be seen from this that Hengrui attaches importance to the automotive market. At the same time, it is not difficult to see that the target market of Hengrui is not only the Chinese automotive market, but also the global market, which can also be seen from its international team

Gu Yongtao said:

"Our genes are diverse and integrated from the beginning. On the one hand, in terms of technology, especially the mass production and molding technology of composite parts, we need international teams, because most of these technologies come from Europe, and we need these experienced foreign experts to bring the technology to China; on the other hand, our market starts in China, but we plan to build factories in Europe and the United States in the future, so we We need an international team to manage and promote, and our upstream and downstream are internationally renowned companies. "

as for why we should start making carbon fiber parts at home, Gu Yongtao said that the reason is that China is relatively ahead in the field of new energy vehicles. At present, the demand for carbon fiber in new energy vehicles is larger than that of traditional fuel vehicles. In addition, there is a lack of enterprises with relevant technology and process background in China

it can be seen that under the current market environment, Hengrui has its own layout ideas. So what is Hengrui's view on the current changes in the car market? What practices are worth learning from? As one of the practitioners of automobile lightweight, how does he think about the future development and technology trend of this field? In response to the above questions, Gu Yongtao had an in-depth exchange with Gaishi automobile in the recent "C talk 2019" high-end series of interviews. The following is the interview record

China's auto market: the medium and long-term situation is optimistic, and the luxury car market will not be too bad.

in 2018, China's auto market grew negatively, and this situation continued in the first quarter of 2019. What do you think of this

Gu Yongtao: the automobile market must have a period of growth and decline. Small-scale fluctuations are normal, as are other markets, not only the automobile market. Specifically, in recent years, China's automobile industry has adopted various policies to stimulate the growth of this market, but it always has a saturation period, especially for the low-end and middle-end consumer groups, whose car changing frequency is not very high, which will lead to a little difficulty in growth. In addition, this is also related to the overall environment. The Sino US trade war will also affect the consumption behavior of some enterprises and individuals

what do you think of the medium and long-term situation

Gu Yongtao: I think the medium and long term is still very optimistic. It may not increase as much as the original, but it will not fall very miserably

from 2018 to the beginning of 2019, the overall situation of China's car market is poor, but the sales volume of luxury car market is still growing steadily. What do you think of this

Gu Yongtao: I don't think this market is too bad. In addition, luxury cars have also done a lot of price reduction and discount activities recently, the development of this market should be very stable

at present, many products of Hengrui are mainly used in high-end vehicles, aren't they

guyongtao: Yes, for the time being, we are only in the medium and high-end car market. Because the cost of carbon fiber is relatively high, the application of low-end cars is still relatively small

in order to stimulate the growth of the car market, the government launched the policy of sending cars to the countryside in 2019. How do you see the impact of this policy on the car market? In addition, what is your view on the policy of reducing the value-added tax rate

Gu Yongtao: cars going to the countryside should drive relatively low-end consumption. I think people in rural areas who have economic strength and demand for cars should buy cars, and its driving effect will not be too great. I think the reduction of value-added tax is a good measure to stimulate the industry

new energy vehicle market: subsidies decline, accelerating the survival of the fittest of enterprises

the performance of the field of new energy vehicles has been very eye-catching since 2018, and the growth rate is far higher than that of other traditional vehicles, but the decline of subsidies is also an impact on many vehicle enterprises. Do you think the development of new energy vehicles is policy driven or market driven

Gu Yongtao: Yes, at the beginning, the development of the new energy vehicle market must be driven by policies, so everyone can invest in this industry one after another. Later, I believe that many people still attach importance to environmental protection and energy conservation, and new energy vehicles are of great benefit to energy conservation and environmental protection. After the subsidy goes down or even cancelled, it depends on the real strength of each host plant, and some enterprises with weak capabilities can be eliminated, I think this is a good thing to promote more efficient and high-quality products

the development of new energy market has always been the coexistence of various technical routes. In recent years, the technology paths of new energy vehicles such as incremental electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells have also become the focus of controversy in the industry. How do you see the development prospects of different technology paths

Gu Yongtao: the emergence of more options such as pure electric, hybrid and hydrogen energy is a good thing for the whole industry. The specific path of development is related to the national strategy. For example, hydrogen energy vehicles are theoretically a particularly environmentally friendly product, but whether this field can develop depends on whether the country is determined to invest in the construction of hydrogen energy infrastructure

recent electric vehicle fires have occurred one after another. What's your opinion

guyongtao: it is also a normal phenomenon that there may be some omissions in details due to the excessive emphasis on speed in the development of new energy vehicles in China. According to the current trend, the state will gradually raise the threshold of subsidies or even cancel the subsidy policy later, and a group of excellent enterprises will be selected. Through these practices, give them enough time and patience, and they will do better in new energy vehicles

automobile lightweight: carbon fiber is not only lightweight, but also has the characteristics of high strength

how do you see the importance of carbon fiber composites for the automotive industry

guyongtao: when it comes to carbon fiber, it will talk about lightweight, but carbon fiber involves more than lightweight. On the one hand, lightweight is good for all cars, positive. For electric vehicles, lightweight can improve the mileage. For fuel vehicles, it is helpful for energy conservation and emission reduction, which is also one of the important reasons why carbon fiber or other lightweight materials are increasingly used

on the other hand, carbon fiber is light and high-strength. Everyone may pay attention to light weight, but ignore its more competitive advantage is high strength. For example, engenuity, the British composite engineering design and analysis company we acquired, has a project to improve the torsional stiffness of a large SUV. After research and analysis, they found two points

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