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Recently, the 2019 conference and technical seminar of the automobile testing ground branch of China automobile industry association was held in Chongqing. Representatives from 58 automobile test sites, design units, construction supervisors and R & D units of automobile enterprises at home and abroad attended the meeting

at the seminar, 16 industry experts conducted extensive and in-depth technical exchanges and discussions on the planning and design of automobile test sites, safe operation management, intelligent integration, development of automatic driving, new testing technologies and methods, driver safety management, etc, It also brought papers and reports such as "Research on minimum acquisition mileage of user typical load spectrum based on t-test", "intrusion recognition of off-site objects in vehicle test based on machine vision" and "analysis of common quality problems in test site construction"

"as the only social organization in China's automobile testing and testing industry, the automobile testing ground branch will continue to explore and practice at a new historical height in 2019, adapt to the development of new technologies such as intelligent popularity, further expansion, networking and new energy, play a leading role in scientific and technological innovation, strive to play a role of bridge between enterprises and the government, and make greater contributions to the healthy development of the automobile and transportation industry." Wang Wei, Secretary General of the testing ground branch of China Automobile Industry Association, said in the summary of the meeting

it is reported that the conference was hosted by the automobile test site branch of China Association of automobile manufacturers, and jointly organized by China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Chongqing West Automobile Test Site Management Co., Ltd. The meeting not only increased the exchange and communication between industry enterprises, R & D institutions and automobile test sites, but also pointed out the direction for the construction and development of domestic automobile test sites. The participants also went to the Lijia base of China Automotive Research Institute, Dazu test site of China Automotive Research Institute and Chongqing West test site respectively to conduct on-site technical investigations on the relevant testing capabilities of China Automotive Research Institute and the road facilities and management and control experience of the test site. Zhao Qiong

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