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Guizhou national tax and local tax bureau will establish a new 12366 call center for tax service in order to promote the scientific, standardized and institutionalized management of 12366 tax service in Guizhou provincial tax system, ensure the efficient operation of 12366 and improve the service quality and efficiency, Guizhou Provincial State and local tax bureau will jointly establish a 12366 call center, and the new 12366 call center will be put into trial operation in May this year

it is reported that the establishment of 12366 call center is not only a breakthrough attempt to integrate service resources through close cooperation between the state and local taxes in Guizhou Province, but also who is better? In fact, whether it is a single column experimental machine or a double column tensile experimental machine, and it is an improvement of the concept of serving taxpayers wholeheartedly by the tax authorities of Guizhou Province. It will meet the needs of taxpayers to solve the problems of national and local taxes by 2020, reduce tax costs and improve service efficiency

at present, the relevant departments of Guizhou Provincial State and Local Taxation Bureau are paying close attention to improving the 12366 knowledge base, training personnel, purchasing equipment and other specific work. One tensile test should be done for each batch of section steel. After the completion of the new 12366 call center, the province's tax related consulting, complaints and other services will be integrated through the 12366 call center to achieve efficient operation and make it more convenient for taxpayers and the people. Guizhou broadcasting

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