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Guo Ju: not afraid to raise prices, China Mobile has made a "product price ratio"

in 2017, there is a lot of talk about raising prices. In my opinion, this is mainly due to two reasons:

first, the RMB exchange rate has been declining, which naturally leads to higher costs for some parts that need to be imported. For example, screens, memory, chips, some devices on the motherboard, s light vehicles, electric vehicles, and even unmanned vehicle sensors settled in US dollars

second, manufacturers compete fiercely, and few make profits. The pursuit of profits has become the main theme of this year. To make profits, we must make efforts in the medium and high-end market, improve quality and bring price increases at the same time

for example, recently released flagship products such as Coolpad S1 are priced from 2499 yuan to 3199 yuan, glory magic is priced at 3699 yuan, Huawei mate9 is priced at 3899 yuan, and Jinli m2017 is priced at 6999 yuan for high-end business

although domestic products have rushed to the medium and high-end market in an all-round way, from the actual sales situation, cost performance is still the first factor valued by users, but the requirements for products are higher than ever. For example, recently, China Mobile launched its own brand A3 again, and its main product price ratio. Product price ratio, as the name suggests, quality comes first, followed by low price. Today, when cost performance is popular, product price ratio reflects not only the differentiation of brands seeking competition, but also the insight into users' consumption habits. In the past, China Mobile has accumulated rich product experience in the release of many private brand products. So, where is the price/quality ratio of A3

first look at the positioning user of A3. According to the high-precision sensors adopted by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the total number of mobile users in China reached 1.32 billion by the end of last year. The total number of 4G users reached 770million, accounting for 58.2% of mobile users. By implication, there are still a large number of 2G and 3G users to be converted

Sha Yuejia, vice president of China Mobile, previously said that at present, nearly 400million 2/3g customers in China Mobile still need to be upgraded; At the same time, about 50% of the 500million customers who have become 4G customers are expected to face another generation replacement

it is understood that A3 is mainly for the T3-T6 market. For those who spend carefully, A3 of 599 yuan is really a good product worth owning

from the perspective of products, the hardware parameters of A3 are set at the entry level. From the fingerprint proof screen to the middle frame of the ion plating process, from the curved back shell fitting the palm arc to the high-quality camera, the overall configuration is remarkable

it is worth mentioning that the removable 2500mah capacity battery is comparable to the endurance of mainstream products with more than 1000 yuan. Now more and more people do not support replacing batteries, mainly because of design considerations. After all, in the pursuit of intelligence, there are always some things to be sacrificed, and the integrated battery is a price to pay. However, A3 can still keep the battery detachable under the relatively good design appearance, so it has to be said that it has achieved the best balance in terms of quality

from the perspective of application services, A3 is an important product in promoting converged communication by China Mobile. It supports volte HD video calls, that is, new calls; At the same time, China Mobile has built-in rich applications

in addition, the omni-directional security system of China Mobile A3, from anti fraud and anti smoking fees to the project, mainly takes BDO (1,4-butanediol) and PTMEG (poly (4-methylene ether 2-alcohol) as the core devices, and the retrieval function based on cloud services can enable users to enjoy the top security experience in the information age. A3's built-in application center and game center will intelligently recommend applications according to users' interests. These apps are generated based on intelligent algorithms, accurately match users' preferences, and can be downloaded with a single click, saving a lot of unnecessary trouble

in today's rising smart prices, 599 yuan has such design and service, which seems to be the courage of A3 to shout for product price ratio

in fact, as a private brand, China Mobile not only meets the needs of user migration, but also has a far-reaching significance in leading the industry and setting a benchmark

this is because from 3G, 4G, 4g+ to 5g in the future, China Mobile has always been the leader of China's 4G network standards and terminal technology. Through nearly three years of efforts, China Mobile has established the 4G network with the largest number of base stations, the largest coverage area and the largest user access in the world, and has become the largest 4G network operator in the world

in this process, the terminal effect brought by China Mobile's independent brands has laid the foundation for the rapid and large-scale development of the industry, especially promoting the rapid transformation of advanced technology to users. For example, from TD-LTE the third mock examination to five mode ten frequency and N frequency, to tdd/fdd integration 4G, to support LTE carrier aggregation technology, volte, RCS, etc

on the other hand, while manufacturers compete for profits, operators continue to launch terminals with high product price ratio, which is easier to refine the operation of products and form differentiated competition

it can be predicted that China Mobile's private brand terminals are likely to extend to 5g and IOT in the future, because big connect has become the core strategy of China Mobile. According to the plan, in terms of terminal chips, China Mobile will promote the development of low-cost chips and modules, and launch more rich and diverse intelligent terminals. It is self-evident that private brand terminals shoulder the important task at present

in the process of the industry's return to offline channels, China Mobile also has natural channel advantages. By covering the service points of operators across the country, it can penetrate into Tier 3 to Tier 6 cities to the greatest extent. This is also the weakness of many manufacturers. Even ov, which specializes in offline channels, can't compare. Data from China Mobile shows that in 2016, China Mobile cooperated with nearly 700000 social channels to achieve sales of more than 400million terminals

therefore, the popularization of planning is not difficult for China Mobile, but how to continuously open up more capabilities and partners to build an ecological chain in the process of network evolution

for this reason, China Mobile has previously stated that the next step will be to increase the construction of terminals and improve terminal business subsidies. With products, channels and funds, for China Mobile, private brands will provide users with terminal options with better price/quality ratio in the future, and the industry cost will be reduced to a certain extent through the scale effect. In this way, people can spend less money to experience more and better products and services

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