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Hass machine tool chip conveyor implements win-win cooperation

Hass machine tool chip conveyor implements win-win cooperation. A new round of "workshop revolution" is being staged in the first production workshop of Hunan ouzhitong Technology Co., Ltd. in Liuyang economic development zone. With the advantages of convenient use per hour, nearly 10000 wireless WiFi modules have been successfully offline. In such a large workshop, several workers operate more than a dozen machine tools, and the automatic and intelligent production line has replaced manual work

in the newly invested intelligent small volume injection production line of Warner pharmaceutical factory in Liuyang Economic Development Zone, more than 10 workers replaced more than 30 workers in the original production line, and the production capacity increased by more than 3 times instead of decreasing

we learned that in addition to ouzhitong and Warner pharmaceutical, more than 20 enterprises in Liuyang Economic Development Zone, such as Lansi technology and Yanjin shop, have made substantial steps in promoting intelligent manufacturing and achieved practical results

Liuyang Economic Development Zone has long planned to carry out a new round of "workshop revolution" and promote "machine replacement". Guolifu, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Liuyang economic and Technological Development Zone, said that Liuyang economic and Technological Development Zone will focus on the construction of intelligent manufacturing base of electronic information industry based on intelligent terminals and intelligent manufacturing demonstration zone based on biomedicine, and strive to basically realize the digital manufacturing of leading enterprises in biomedicine, electronic information and other industries within three years, so as to contribute to promoting the construction of Changsha "national intelligent manufacturing center"

"machine replacement" to improve quality and efficiency

in order to break the deadlock of difficult recruitment and reduce enterprise costs, eurosmart has conducted intelligent transformation of five production lines this year, greatly reducing the labor demand of front-line workers

xuyanglun, a production consultant of ouzhitong, told the author that a production line used to require 10 people, but now it only needs 4 people, and the cost has been reduced by 60%. After the transformation, the output has been greatly increased. The original monthly production volume was 2million pieces, and the production volume reached 4million pieces one month after the new smart device was put into operation in 2018

"machine replacement" not only does quantity "subtraction", but also does quality "addition". Xu yanglun said. In manufacturing enterprises that adopt streamlined operation, problems in any link will lead to product defects, and the precise and orderly characteristics of machines can effectively avoid some human errors, improve product quality, and then improve the competitiveness of enterprises

in the long run, "machine replacement" is a long-term solution for enterprises to reduce labor costs. Xu yanglun calculated an account for the author: the original production line needed 10 workers, each with a monthly salary of more than 3800 yuan, including food, housing and social security. The labor cost of this process was more than 50000 yuan a month, and the cumulative amount was close to 600000 yuan a year. In addition, there were additional Factory benefits, subsidies, incentives and other expenses

after the "machine replacement", the personnel cost is reduced to, including the machine consumption and power cost, but there is no cost of purchasing machines. In the long run, the machine can save costs in the next year and recover costs in a few years, which is a very considerable change

"technological transformation and innovation" cultivate new kinetic energy

in the newly invested intelligent small volume injection production line of Warner pharmaceutical factory in Liuyang Economic Development Zone, more than 10 workers replaced more than 30 workers in the original hot runner production line, which only had accurate thermodynamic and rheological balance, and the production capacity increased by more than 3 times. After the intelligent small volume injection production line of this new equipment was put into use, the number of workers was reduced, but the production efficiency was greatly improved

"in recent years, our annual production has maintained an increase of about 30%, while the overall number of production personnel has steadily declined." Gao Xiang, director and executive deputy general manager of Hunan Warner Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said excitedly that all this benefited from the "intelligent manufacturing, machine replacement" strategy implemented by the company. Take another gasket and repeat the above steps

in the face of the double attack of rising labor costs and fierce market competition, the company has always adhered to the development concept of innovation leading and concentrating on pharmacy, adjusted its development strategy, hedged labor costs with intelligence, and cultivated new kinetic energy with technological innovation. It is reported that the company's annual investment in scientific and technological research and development accounts for 5% to 10% of its sales revenue, and its investment in Intelligent Manufacturing in 2018 reached more than 50 million yuan, carrying out technological innovation on the original production equipment

the author also learned that Warner Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. faced with the problem of drug residue treatment, it has newly invested and built the first intelligent automatic comprehensive recycling system of drug residue in China. This system can automatically process the waste drug residue after the production of traditional Chinese medicine into biomass fuel, and the steam heat energy generated by biomass combustion is recycled to meet the production needs

"the traditional treatment method of the solid waste of the residue left after the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine is to send it to a professional company for transportation and harmless treatment, which will not only increase the transportation and treatment costs of enterprises, but also bring great pressure to environmental protection." Gao Xiang said. Now, it includes providing value-added services for the Chinese market. As we can see, through the investment of advanced intelligent equipment, these solid wastes of drug residues that once made enterprises and parks headache have been scientifically treated, which not only completely solves the problem of drug residues polluting the environment, but also can use local materials, turn waste into treasure, and recycle

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