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How to treat the slowdown of China's economic growth since August, a series of economic data such as China's manufacturing industry, imports and exports, whether you divide or combine, have shown signs of stabilization. A number of international institutions have changed their tone of empty China this year and raised China's economic growth expectations

how to view the slowdown of China's economic growth? In the face of overseas ups and downs, what is the real situation of China's economy? In the medium and long term, does China's economy still have the potential and space for sustained and rapid development

there are good signs of stabilization.

the article said that the newly released purchasing managers' index of China's manufacturing industry in August showed that this leading macroeconomic indicator has rebounded significantly for the second consecutive month, reaching 51%. The previously announced growth rate of added value of industries above Designated Size in July also accelerated month on month

the leading indicators show that China's economy is stabilizing. It is expected that the growth rate under the new normal of about 7.5% for the whole year is reliable, which will also be a good growth level for China's economy. Zhang Xiaojing, a researcher at the Economics Department of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said

Niu Li, director of the Macroeconomic Research Office of the Economic Forecasting Department of the National Information Center, said that from the perspective of economic growth, prices and employment in the first half of the year, the macro economy is still within the reasonable range of the annual expected target, and we must not blindly stimulate economic growth because of the empty voices of the outside world

Wang Jun, deputy director of the consulting and Research Department of the China Center for international economic exchanges, pointed out that since this year, China's macroeconomic operation has been basically stable, and there have been no big ups and downs from empty to long overseas. In the second half of the year, China's economy will still maintain an overall stable development trend, and it is expected that there is a high possibility of a slight rebound in the third quarter

endogenous power is still strong

the article points out that at a time when China's economy is stabilizing and international institutions are singing more about China's economy again, we must have a clear understanding of the stages of China's economic development

in the medium and long term, China's economy has ended its high growth period of nearly 10% over the past 30 years and entered a cycle of potential growth rate decline. On the other hand, this decline is not without a bottom line. The outside world is worried that China's economy will continue to decline, which is very unlikely. Zhang Xiaojing said

Lian Ping, chief economist of Bank of communications, said that the slowdown in China's economic growth this year is the result of the interweaving of internal and external factors, short-term and medium-term and long-term factors. Large experimental speed: 500mm/min; China is facing the severe test of crossing the middle-income trap and resolving the contradiction accumulated by the establishment of a technical research team led by the factory director, composed of technicians in the work area and grass-roots managers. At the same time, we should also see that China's economic growth momentum is still strong with the further promotion of industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization

The article said that in the past two months, the government has intensively introduced a series of policies and measures to reduce the burden on small and micro enterprises, promote the reform of railway investment and financing system, strengthen urban infrastructure construction, promote information consumption, and promote the development of elderly care service industry. These measures are based on the current situation and take a long-term view, pay attention to the positive role of structural adjustment and Reform in stabilizing growth, pay more attention to enhancing the potential of economic development from the supply level, and release vitality through system reform

since this year, the reform has been steadily advancing in various fields. The debugging personnel should introduce the general experimental methods of the impact testing machine to the customers in detail. The reform of resource prices should continue to deepen, the decentralization of administrative approval rights should be cancelled, the reform of interest rate marketization should be promoted, and the pilot of levying value-added tax instead of business tax should be introduced to the country

the biggest driving force of China's economic growth in the future still comes from reform. The upcoming third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee will study the important issues of comprehensively deepening reform. It is expected that the reform blueprint outlined at the meeting will inject new vitality into the realization of China's sustained and healthy economic and social development

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