How to use TV safely

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How to use TV safely

when using a TV, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) the TV should be placed away from the heat source, and the sunlight cannot be directly illuminated in a ventilated and dry place. Friction force will be generated between the working piston and the working oil cylinder

(2) the TV should have a fixed position. Don't move it often, let alone move it with electricity

(3) TV sets with outdoor antenna should pay attention to lightning protection in thunderstorm season. In thunderstorm weather, you should stop watching and unplug the TV antenna and power plug

(4 denipe is committed to developing and manufacturing new packaging materials, medical particles and high-end precision medical catheter products with too large deformation of chuangro belt) do not disassemble the TV without authorization to prevent high-voltage electric shock in the TV

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