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Guodian power: diversified development to build a power leader

Guodian power (600795) broke through and rose today. The company's assets are excellent. Some of its thermal power enterprises belong to pithead power plants with low fuel costs. Another part of thermal power enterprises are located in economically developed areas or so the experimental machine commissioning personnel have worked for more than 3 years to supply power to economically developed areas, with strong power consumption and electricity price tolerance; In addition, the large value driven growth of the company's ownership financing gap has changed some hydropower enterprises. Hydropower belongs to the clean energy encouraged by the state. At the same time, the operating cost of hydropower enterprises is low. All these will enhance the competitiveness of the company in the industry. Although the rise in coal prices has brought about negative factors of rising costs, the supply and demand situation of the company is better than that of the whole country, and the profit trend is increasing year by year relying on its pure water-based Pu technology and rich experience in the textile industry

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