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Recently, domestic medical and health marketing experts believe that the ultimate goal of enterprises is to make consumers believe that their product quality and service standards can better meet the rigid needs of consumers than competitive products. However, the needs of consumers are often diversified. The market of fish eyes mixed with pearls needs breakthroughs, the diverse marketing needs innovation, and the innovation of enterprises includes the new combination of old elements. Whether in terms of excellent product quality, channel mode expansion, experience marketing concept promotion, national experience hall construction, scientific and technological R & D innovation, channel service promotion, brand standardization, after-sales member tracking and maintenance, Guokang medical is far ahead in China in terms of enterprise development, training, human resources, management and scale

On July 29th, 2016, the State Food and Drug Administration officially released the pharmaceutical industry standard of the people's Republic of China "potential therapy equipment YY", and Guokang medical was invited to be one of the main drafters of the standard of high potential therapy equipment, marking that Guokang company has entered a new stage of development

if you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools. Guokang medical has become an Asian leading and world-class high potential series therapeutic instrument industrial group composed of Nanjing Guokang and Chuzhou Guokang. Guokang medical group consists of: Nanjing Guokang Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., Nanjing Guokang medical instrument factory, Nanjing Guokang bioelectronic instrument factory, Nanjing CAMCE communication equipment factory, Chuzhou Guokang Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., large medical high potential therapeutic instrument research center, high potential and business development new generation copolymerization, blending, multivariate, multicomponent Online addition and other technology combined therapy research center, and civil high potential Chuzhou research center

Guokang medical group

signed product insurance with PICC

Guokang 2D electro-hydraulic exciter began to work, making a great leap in medical treatment, and grasping the pulse trend of enterprise strategy. We will use the actual scientific research and technical force to carry out research and development in combination with today's market demand, and promote the achievements of research and development to the market. The systematic and organic combination of operation mode, combined with experience marketing, puts forward the most suitable conditioning scheme for consumers. In the development stage, the health service of the overall system is the main business entity. Every listed product of Guokang must pass the clinical verification of more than two third class hospitals, and must pass the certification of the State Food and drug administration, the authoritative authority of the national medical device industry supervision and administration

the production is organized in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the national medical device quality management system, and the one-time inspection pass rate of products off the production line is always maintained at more than 98%. As early as 2011, Guokang Medical Group signed product insurance with PICC. Guokang has experienced a profound experience in the implementation of the national "preventive health" health project, and the product insurance is carried out by the "national brand" insurance institutions, in order to make people worry free to consume the "green health" brought by advanced electronic biotechnology

Guokang medical group

has a benign long-term after-sales service system mechanism

Guokang medical believes that strict product quality management, scientific and technological innovation applied to products, standardized operation and use (experience) system, and scientific and detailed health knowledge lectures ensure that customers are not only safe when using products, but also can have ideal treatment effects. The word-of-mouth spread of "magic high potential" will appear everywhere in the promotion of Guokang medical. Guokang medical starts from the root and establishes a long-term after-sales service system with the majority of consumers. The equipment sockets used on the installation site must have a grounding terminal mechanism, and the advanced sales leadership method of deciding whether to buy or not after long-term customer experience and confirmation of product effects has been highly praised and praised by all walks of life

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