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GUKE energy-saving country garden is in competition, and the two sides have started strategic cooperation

GUKE energy-saving country garden is in competition, and the two sides have started strategic cooperation

March 17, 2020

recently, GUKE energy-saving interior and exterior wall coatings won the bid for the 2020 battle purchase of Country Garden Holdings Co., Ltd., and opened a strategic cooperation mode with country garden. On the basis of common core values, the two sides are customer-oriented, dedicated and motivated to work together to build high-end residential buildings

quality is upward stable Zhiyuan

Country Garden Holdings Co., Ltd. has further entered the international capital market after its listing in 2007. It is not only a developer and operator of residential communities, but also a builder and operator of green ecological and smart cities. As one of the world's top 500 enterprises, country garden has constantly improved the community resource integration platform around the core of real estate business, and made every effort to create cost-effective architectural coatings. Country garden office building

scientific planning, ingenuity. As a practitioner of China's new urbanization, in the ever-changing market environment, country garden has never changed its original intention of pursuing products, repeatedly deliberated on the characteristics of safe, beautiful, economical and applicable houses with the spirit of craftsman, reformed its management to ensure the continuity of quality and service, and made unremitting efforts to meet people's yearning for a better life

Country Garden Phoenix

the way of innovation, intelligent manufacturing. Science and technology are not only related to national progress, but also to the well-being of people. Targeting high-tech enterprises, in recent years, due to the lack of attention paid to R & D and innovation in China, country garden has not (1) cut friction, increase investment in scientific and technological R & D, establish R & D teams, make further breakthroughs in intelligent construction, smart community and management informatization, always maintain leading construction quality and community management level, and provide customers with a safer and more comfortable living scene

country garden Shili Silver Beach Country Garden adheres to the principle of sustainable development, takes creating products for a better life as its own responsibility, has the courage to explore, and continues to carry out innovative revolutions in the development concept, product construction, community support and other aspects, and truly implements the mission of "society becomes better because of our existence"

craftsmanship construction moves forward with ingenuity

since its establishment in 2001, GUKE energy conservation has always focused on the exploration, research and development and promotion of advanced decoration and thermal insulation technologies in the field of interior and exterior walls of buildings for 19 years, and is committed to providing comprehensive and professional product systems and green energy-saving building coating solutions for different regions and environments

GUKE energy saving professional construction team

GUKE electronic universal experimental machine Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has successfully developed the latest technology on the basis of the old technology. New technology energy saving independent research and development elite team is science and technology led and resourceful driven. Since its establishment, GUKE energy conservation has adhered to the path of reform and innovation and constantly stimulated the vitality of green development. Now it has developed into a scientific and technological energy-saving company integrating development, design, production, sales and service. In the future, GUKE energy conservation will build an industry benchmark with ingenuity, lead the industry style with craftsmanship, and actively promote the high-quality progress of building energy conservation

country garden and GUKE energy conservation early stage cooperation project - Jiulong Bay

country garden and GUKE energy conservation early stage cooperation project - times city

this time, country garden and GUKE energy conservation once again work together to pursue dreams and ingenuity together, take quality as the guide, customer service as the center, continue to innovate, and win-win at home and abroad! Work together to build a better habitat

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