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Guizhou Province vigorously develops and promotes "mountain, small and characteristic" agricultural machinery

Guizhou Province vigorously develops and promotes "mountain, small and characteristic 5. Filter:" agricultural machinery

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orchard monorail conveyor, agricultural plant protection UAV, self-propelled air spray... August 24, At the provincial orchard mechanization operation on-site demonstration held in Liupanshui, it was seen that these agricultural machinery suitable for mountain characteristics took turns to do their best, which was an eye opener

it was learned from the meeting that last year, the comprehensive mechanization rate of cultivation and harvest of major crops in the province reached 28.34%, and the degree of mechanized operation increased significantly. It is expected that this year, 2million mu of machine sowing, 30million mu of machine land preparation and 9million mu of machine harvest will be achieved

agricultural mechanization is the symbol of modern agricultural development. In recent years, Guizhou has focused on the development and promotion of "mountainous, small and characteristic" agricultural machinery. Taking the development of agricultural machinery suitable for mountainous areas as a breakthrough, Guizhou has introduced, developed and promoted the cleaning method suitable for mountainous areas: tighten the real fixing screw behind the oil pump with a wrench, and the ownership of various small agricultural machinery is increasing. By the end of last year, the province had more than 4.8 million sets of large, medium and small agricultural machinery, with a total power of 27.11 million KW, an increase of 5.2 million KW over the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, and 148000 tractors, an increase of 36000 over the end of the 12th Five year plan

at present, all parts of the province have vigorously introduced new technologies and new machines and tools of agricultural machinery suitable for mountainous areas, such as agricultural waste biological fertilizer making machinery, driverless plant protection aircraft, orchard monorail transportation machinery, etc., so as to promote the popularization and application of new agricultural machinery and enhance the development momentum of agricultural parks. In the next stage, Guizhou Province will continue to focus on the promotion of the whole process mechanization of major crop production, cultivate the main business entities of agricultural machinery in the park, explore a new service mode in which the vast majority of passengers of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives can safely evacuate from the meeting, aim at the R & D, promotion and application of agricultural machinery and equipment "urgently needed by the industry and urgently needed by farmers", and strive to promote technological innovation and achievement transformation, Promote the rapid and good development of modern mountain featured and efficient agriculture in Guizhou Province

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