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How to use Noah's u22 excellent school student tablet evaluation primary school, junior high school and high school synchronous tutoring tutoring machine

Noah's u22 excellent school student tablet primary school, junior high school and high school synchronous tutoring tutoring machine

famous teacher tutoring 10.1-inch famous school essence problem learning pen synchronization

use for a month experience: I bought Noah's product for the second time. This time it's very easy to use and beautifully designed. Thank the boss for his patient and meticulous guidance, In particular, the resources are particularly powerful, which makes children learn in fun and can't put it down. Especially, the outer screen adopts tempered glass, which is very good. It is authentic and much cheaper than the exclusive store. There are activities, and the gifts are magical and cost-effective. Express super awesome. I'll recognize this store in the future

evaluation after three months of use: Please Click to view

product parameters:

brand: noah/Noah

Noah model: excellent school uses Daron reg; Resin manufacturing composite parts means that the process is stable u22

with game: no

number of cores: four cores

Color Classification: gold (32g version with pen) silver white (32g version with pen)

after sales service: national joint insurance

additional functions: parental monitoring support screen handwriting support extended memory card human voice support playback MP3 audio support playback MP4 video camera function support e-book reading

Language: English is a realizable language other/other Chinese

memory capacity: 32GB

battery type: rechargeable lithium battery

color screen: color screen

package: official standard package one package two packages three packages Four package ABS performance five

touch screen: touch screen

screen size: 10.1 inches

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