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The installed capacity of wind power in Hami, Xinjiang is expected to reach 12.1 million kW in 2020

the installed capacity of wind power in Hami, Xinjiang is expected to reach 12.1 million kW in 2020

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Hami has been upgraded to an important growth pole in the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt, a national new comprehensive energy base, a sub central city in Xinjiang, a first-class comprehensive transportation hub and a new main battlefield of industrialization

at the 2016 China energy development and innovation forum held recently, Wu Jianxin, director of the development and Reform Commission of Hami City, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, made the above statement

Wu Jianxin pointed out that Hami City is not only a gateway for Xinjiang to open to the mainland, but also a land channel for China to open to the West. It has the strategic geographical advantages of both internal and external resources and two-way integration of East and West

Hami is the region with the most abundant comprehensive energy in Xinjiang and an important part of the country's fourteen coal bases. Wu Jianxin revealed that according to the 13th five year plan of Hami City, Considering 2020, we know that the mechanical locking structures are: ripple (i.e. rib) with an annual installed capacity of 12.1 million kw of wind power and 5.85 million kw of photovoltaic power.

in recent years, the national energy administration has successively issued documents to locate Hami as a 10 million KW wind power base, a 1 million KW photovoltaic base and the first "Xinjiang power transmission" At the output end of the channel, the national development and Reform Commission will continue to improve the coal production capacity of Hami Tuha mining area in 2014 as an important base for "Xinjiang power export" and "Xinjiang coal export"

according to Wu Jianxin, Hami has made every effort to promote the construction of a comprehensive energy base focusing on coal, coal power, wind power and photovoltaic power generation, and has achieved preliminary results

among them, in terms of coal, Hami City has obtained national approval for a coal mine project with a scale of 10million tons/year, and 14 coal mine preliminary work projects with a total scale of 150million tons/year

statistics show that in 2015, the coal output of Hami City was 20.89 million tons, and the sales were 20.91 million tons, of which 6.55 million tons were transported abroad, mainly sold to Jiayuguan and Hexi Corridor in Gansu Province

in terms of thermal power, the supporting project of Hami South Zhengzhou ± 800 kV HVDC transmission project has a total of 10 660000 kW units, with a scale of 6.6 million KW. In 2015, the power generation capacity of Hami Coal Power Enterprises was 19.5 billion kwh

in terms of wind power, Hami City has obtained approval for 50 wind power projects with a scale of 7.243 million, of which the completion of promoting sustainable economic and social development has a positive role in promoting. The installed capacity is 4.145 million KW, which is 2million kW in the southeast of Hami City Phase I respectively; Hami wind power base phase II 1.75 million KW; Hami 13 rooms 350000 kW; A decentralized wind power project with a scale of 45000 kW

in terms of photovoltaic power generation, the cumulative approved scale of photovoltaic power generation projects is 1.61 million KW, the cumulative recorded scale is 160000 kW, and 660000 kW has been achieved

in terms of UHV power, the construction of Hami South Shazhou Golmud 750 kV second channel power transmission and transformation project was started in 2012. In June 2013, the project was put into operation and connected with Dunhuang through two 750 kV lines and directly sent to Golmud, Qinghai. At the same time, since the Hami South Zhengzhou ± 800 kV HVDC transmission project was put into operation on January 27, 2014, the delivered power in 2015 has reached 25.086 billion kwh

Wu Jianxin said, "we focus on the simultaneous matching of power and electricity, the integration of new energy development and traditional energy application, and make corresponding adjustments and coordination in the industrial structure."

Wang Shiliang, vice president of the planning and Development Research Institute of PowerChina Northwest Survey, design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., pointed out at the forum that Hami, as a comprehensive energy base with new energy and thermal power coexisting, can implement the "wind + Light + fire" multi energy complementary bundling mode, and transmit electricity through high-voltage transmission channels such as South Hami Zhengzhou

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