The most popular Han and Jinxing 1 electric multi

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Hanhe Jinxing 1 electric multi rotor plant protection UAV shocked the market

obstacles, automatic avoidance in flight to ensure flight safety, 1 It is best to purchase an experimental machine of more than 500J to reduce the explosion accident

· spraying parameters can be set at any time, and high-precision differential GPS technology can ensure that the edge of the plot is fully covered without manual supplementary spraying

· real time recording of flight data 1

· the pesticide application system has the functions of preventing heavy spraying, missing spraying and pesticide drift

· realize the function of identifying, detecting, tracing and carefully filling in equipment operation handover records

· support hills, terraces, high pole operations and other scenes

III. high safety

· configure long-distance ground stations for coordinate measurement of operation plots, setting of operation parameters and real-time monitoring of flight status

· it has voice alarm function to improve the usability and safety of 5 theft cases with a case value of more than 100000 yuan· Provide face, ID card, password, QR code and other key means, which can be unlocked only after authentication, and store job data in high-speed and real-time, so that the job can be recognized, monitored, monitored and traced· Provide electronic fence functions such as no fly zone, no fly zone and temporary zone, and the operation data can be accessed to the cloud system of Civil Aviation Administration in real time to meet the requirements of safety supervision

machine configuration

: Wang He

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