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Haiwell PLC has passed CE certification

haiwell PLC has passed CE certification recently, which enables it to be widely used in electronics, aerospace, optics, energy storage, biomedicine and many other fields. It has passed CE certification and obtained certification. This time, we will continue to update the knowledge of experimental machines. The article certification includes the whole series of PLC products of Haiwei company. There are 2 series of hosts and breakthroughs in multi-layer coextrusion performance, a total of 24 models and 25 models of modules

the certification body has carried out electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test and low voltage directive (LVD) safety test on the certified host and module according to the European mark en (PLC equipment requirements and test part), and all the tested products have passed successfully at one time

7. The passing of CE certification after tensile test shows that Haiwell PLC products have jumped to a new level in terms of quality and performance, which lays a solid foundation for the domestic PLC brand Haiwell PLC to enter the international market

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