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On the morning of August 22, 2008, Huaihua group jointly promoted the implementation of the major project of "research and development and utilization of key new materials". The employees in the workshop were holding a special safety examination paper, which exuded a strong smell of ink. The careful employees found that the test paper was actually handwritten and printed in imitation of Song Dynasty typeface

it was master Li Xuchen, the safety officer of the workshop, who made this test paper. Everyone said that Master Li was stupid. He didn't use the ready-made computer and copier and made and printed 300 test papers by hand, which was not worth it. Master Li always smiles honestly in the face of everyone's criticism, but he is sweet in his heart

in Master Li's office, I saw the baby who made the test paper. It was a small hand-operated printing machine produced more than 20 years ago. It was 50 cm high and 20 cm wide in the context of China's economy entering the new normal. There was a crank. Put paper into one side and shake it gently. As the roller rolled, a test paper appeared at the other end

when asked why he wanted to make the test paper by hand, he said that after Huaihua group carried out saving and environmental protection activities, he calculated an account. In the past, it cost 40 cents to print the test paper by computer and then copy it by copier. Now it costs only 20 cents to print by hand, which saves half the cost. Moreover, when the copier works, it also emits toxic and harmful gases, so it should be used as little as possible

Master Li said that it was not easy to make such an examination paper. The hand-operated printing machine in the workshop was still a thing of more than 20 years ago. It has been idle there, but it has been well preserved. Few people who can use this machine can vigorously develop the technology of plastic granulator that uses renewable energy and industrial waste heat. The whole synthetic ammonia plant has thousands of people, and Master Wang Suqin, an accountant, can use it alone. The learning materials and test papers 20 years ago were printed by hand printing machine

in order to print qualified test papers, Master Li asked Master Wang Suqin to teach him how to adjust ink and send paper by hand, and asked the propagandists in the workshop to learn from Master Wang how to carve wax plates. The whole process of hand printing looks simple, but it requires a lot of patience and skills to operate. The first few test papers are invalid. Later, with the touch of the door, one test paper is printed better than another. Master Li is not too happy

Master Li, who has a heart, has found the old tradition of more than 20 years ago. As he said, even if the computer and copier are broken, I'm not afraid. The hand-operated printing machine is easy to use, inexpensive, and energy-saving

it is an ideal testing equipment for industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, engineering quality supervision stations and other departments

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