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Differences among electric hand drill, impact drill, electric hammer and electric pick

1: electric hand drill and impact drill (for example, what is the difference between Bosch gsb13 and gsb13re): with the function of reverse rotation and electronic speed change, it can control the forward and reverse rotation of the machine, and control the speed of the machine. In addition to the normal drilling operation, it can also loosen the screw to facilitate the mother operation, and can play the role of an electric screwdriver. Those without RE can only drill, without positive and negative speed regulation function, and cannot loosen the screws. The difference between gsb10re and gsb13re lies in the size of drilling diameter and power. The application range of 13re is certainly wider than that of 10re. Select the corresponding machine according to the personal drilling diameter

2: difference between electric hand drill and impact drill: electric hand drill can only be used to drill metal, wood, screw and other operations, and cannot hit concrete. In addition to drilling metal and wood, the impact drill can drill brick walls and ordinary concrete

3: the difference between impact drill and electric hammer: in addition to drilling metal and wood, impact drill can drill brick walls and ordinary concrete, but if it is pouring reinforced concrete, it will be more difficult for impact drill to drill, The impact drill can't go through the wall (because the impact drill is impacted by the friction between two impact gears, and the electric hammer is impacted by the movement of the cylinder piston, so the impact force of the electric hammer is much greater than that of the ordinary impact drill). If you want to drill in relatively hard concrete, you need to have high drilling efficiency, or drill in concrete for a long time, or you want to penetrate the wall, please choose the electric hammer

4: but for families, impact drills are more suitable for family users. Although electric hammers can hit the wall, can also be installed with extension collets, and can also hit iron, the accuracy effect of electric hammers with collets is not as good as impact drills, because electric hammers are most suitable for hitting walls, and impact drills have a wide range of functions. If you do small work at home, drill a small hole in the wall, hang something, etc., impact drills are the best choice for family users

5: key points of percussion drill: only when the percussion drill hits the wall, the percussion gear is engaged, and all other times, the electric drill gear is used Percussion drill can make ceramic tiles. Key points for use: Fang 2nd generation ABS method 1: you can directly use percussion drill to make ceramic tiles. Start at a slow speed to improve the strength of core basic industries. Slowly speed up, and the ceramic tiles will not crack Method 2: if a novice is afraid of cracking the ceramic tile, he can use a ceramic drill to drill the ceramic tile. The edges and corners of the tiles are most likely to crack. At this time, you can use a glass drill to punch the tiles through (you must add water to use a glass drill), and then use an impact drill to drill into the concrete. When drilling, you must pay attention to the rotation direction of the drill chuck. What are his use skills and protection and maintenance? Now let's introduce the skills and protection of the bellows ring stiffness testing machine. When turning to positive rotation, the drilling must be positive rotation, otherwise the reverse rotation will not only fail to get in, but it will be easier to break the drill bit (household installation pendant requires horizontal and precise alignment, and it is recommended to use laser ground wire instrument)

6: if the customer chooses 2 to use the electric hammer (electric hammer and electric drill function), during the wall beating operation, he only needs to directly insert the drill bit into the electric hammer, If you use the electric drill function, such as striking iron and wood, you must use the extension rod and drill chuck. In the process of use, please note that when you use the electric drill function to install the extension rod and chuck, the gear must be placed on the electric drill gear, and you must not shift it to the impact gear, otherwise the extension rod will be easily hit and deformed, causing the consequences of the extension rod jamming

7: what does electric pick mean: if you want to buy electric hammer, just to drill in concrete, and do not need other functions, please choose a single function electric hammer. (the function of the electric pick is to impact the light of the machine, and the drill does not rotate. It can shave and shovel the walls, tiles, etc. the chiseling operation is an electric pick. If the customer needs this function, please choose the electric hammer and electric pick 2 type.)

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