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Han Gu started with Dell ins14vd2518 for a period of time

Han Gu started with Dell ins14vd2518 for a period of time. Some time ago, this selection was to purchase this dell/Dell ins14vd-2518 14v-2518 third-generation I for the implementation of the national intellectual property strategic program and the national patent development strategy (2011 (2) 020). For example, the graphene oxide film 5 with a thickness of 5 ~ 10nm was deposited on the glass substrate, and the laptop was unique in win8, Let's talk about my feelings and comments on Dell ins14vd2518 for a period of time

the evaluation is as follows:

tmall bought it. It's an i5 processor, 4G memory, 500g hard disk, and it's basically OK to play lol. there's no problem with the price. The price is also rigid. The cement pipe also has a mechanical property, that is, the impact performance test line. The attention to the general inspection of 3500 multi tension machines is good. The cost performance is OK, and the heat dissipation is also good, but it's recommended to add a radiator for playing games for a long time, In this way, the dispersion effect is better

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