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Haiyuan new materials: innovation is the foundation of enterprise development

on the morning of October 30, in the No. 1 production workshop of Haiyuan new materials, in the huge production workshop, only a dozen uniformed workers were alive to avoid damage to small force sensors due to operational errors. The production line was skilled in operating all kinds of production equipment, and dozens of robots were busy waving according to the set procedures, I saw a steady stream of building templates "spit out" from automatic production equipment

Fujian Haiyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd., founded in April 2012, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujian Haiyuan composite material technology Co., Ltd., with a planned land area of 2000 mu and a plant area of 500 mu. Relying on the advantages of the parent company in composite equipment and technology, it is committed to the R & D and manufacturing of lightweight composite products such as glass fiber and carbon fiber. At present, it is the only enterprise in China with the R & D and manufacturing capacity of a variety of lightweight composite processes, and gradually forms two core businesses of "building lightweight" and "automobile lightweight"

it is understood that the main product of Haiyuan's new material building lightweight business, e-ant composite building formwork, has been ineffective since its listing. After continuous improvement, the product system is becoming more and more perfect, and is gradually recognized by the public construction market. He has successively participated in the construction of more than 30 key projects such as Shanghai Metro Line 14, Fuzhou Metro Line 2, Xiamen Metro Line 2, Suzhou Metro Line 3, Hefei Feicheng rail line 3, Changsha Metro Line 4, Zhuhai expansion and reconstruction project, Nanchang comprehensive Guangou civil center station, and has established strategic cooperation relations with China Railway, China Construction, China Communications, reclaimed water and other large-scale construction enterprises

in addition, the automobile lightweight business is R & D oriented to replace the traditional body sheet metal parts with glass fiber and carbon fiber vehicle composites. After three years of development and verification, the project has made a market breakthrough, and has signed batch supply contracts with BMW, Yutong, Chery, Geely, Chang'an, Liuqi and other automobile manufacturers

in 2017, the ACL automatic production line of carbon fiber body parts jointly developed by Haiyuan and Italian Ranger company was officially put into production, making up for the technical gap in China's carbon fiber body parts molding equipment. The production line innovates the traditional carbon fiber molding process, integrates advanced manufacturing processes such as carbon fiber hp-rtm, carbon fiber wet molding, carbon fiber prepreg and carbon fiber SMC, and its main technical performance has reached the international leading level, reducing the manufacturing cycle of carbon fiber body parts from 5 hours to 30 minutes, meeting the short cycle and mass production needs of the automotive industry

Fujian Haiyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. currently has more than 400 employees, 40% of whom have bachelor's degree or above and 12 have graduate degree or above. It is a typical modern enterprise with scientific and technological talents. "At the beginning of the establishment of Haiyuan new materials, innovation has been the foundation of the development of the enterprise. Another change is that some hygroscopic plastics swell due to moisture absorption. The company has 96 patents, including 12 invention patents, and maintains its leading position in the technical field by applying for 20 new patents every year." Wang Jiazhi, general manager of Fujian Haiyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd., said

"the company employs a number of well-known European experts as executives, and through the introduction of foreign advanced composite technology, the company has strengthened its R & D strength in the field of fiber composites." Wang Jiazhi said that in order to catch up with the advanced technology in Europe and the United States, Fujian Haiyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. also hired a number of well-known European experts in composite materials at high salaries to constantly seek technological innovation, process innovation and product innovation in fiber composite materials. At the same time, everyone is encouraged to innovate within the company, and an innovation reward system is established, so that the number of employees participating in innovation increases year by year, forming a good innovation atmosphere within the enterprise

the blue wisps of the road open the mountains and forests. Haiyuan new materials continues to explore and innovate in the field of new materials. Since its establishment, it has successively won honors such as "Fujian high-tech enterprise", "Fujian intellectual property advantage enterprise", "Fujian science and technology enterprise", "Fujian science and technology giant leading enterprise", "Fujian industry and information technology high growth enterprise"

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