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On August 5, hande Valve Co., Ltd. won three more national new utility patents in terms of high and new technology. This is the third batch of patent certificates obtained by hande this year. Considering that hande has obtained a total of 16 patent certificates this year, behind the explosive growth of scientific research is the hard work and wisdom of hande people.

on August 5, hande Valve Co., Ltd. won three national new utility patents in terms of high and new technology, which is the third batch of patent certificates that hande has obtained this year. With a total of 16 patents obtained in this year's plan, the explosive growth of scientific research is the crystallization of the hard work and wisdom of hande people. Hande valve has always been in line with the market demand, jointly tackling key problems, mastering core technology, and bringing high benefits through innovation. Hande people are using the crystallization of wisdom to create high-end brands in China's valve ± 0.5% industry

the third batch of high-tech new practical magnodyn excitation system of hande. This system includes electromagnet and spring (elastic) fixed in the dynamic loading process. The task patents are:

zl 2015 2 6 black water regulating valve

zl 2015 2 X rotary three-way regulating valve

zl 2015 2 3 rotary multi-stage pressure reducing valve

among them, Blackwater regulating valve is the core technical force of hande. It has overcome high-end technology in China's coal chemical valve industry and become the leading R & D and manufacturing enterprise of coal chemical valves in China

in recent years, China's valve industry has entered a period of rapid development. At present, China's valve manufacturing industry has occupied the world's largest market. However, due to the long-term technical blockade of foreign monopoly giants, China's high-end intelligent equipment was once difficult to achieve a breakthrough. The rise of nuclear power valves, petrochemical valves, valve construction, but more penetrating into high-end products, such as Chinese materials and coal chemical valves, shows that the prospect is broad and the market is broad. Develop high-performance regulating valves to meet the needs of major engineering projects in China, and develop new varieties of regulating valves that meet the needs of power stations, petroleum, coal, water conservancy, chemical industry and urban construction. The market goal is clear. Especially in China's coal chemical market, valve applications lack high-end core technology, long-term dependence on imports, low domestic capacity, and fall into difficulties at all levels. Domestic pump and valve enterprises have identified the development space of import substitution. In recent years, they have researched and developed medium and high-end products, and have made continuous progress. After years of efforts, domestic enterprises have made breakthroughs in some high-end valve manufacturing fields

take coal chemical industry as an example, at present, most of the key valves of large coal chemical industry, such as pulverized coal feeding valve, slag locking valve, high-pressure oxygen shut-off valve and nitrogen plug ball valve, high-pressure oxygen regulating valve, high-pressure black water and grey water shut-off valve, high-pressure black water flash valve, etc., still rely on imports. Combined with the current application status of coal chemical industry and the development ability of enterprises, hande valve has preliminarily formed the localization implementation plan of key valves in coal chemical industry. With 20 years of continuous exploration and remarkable scientific research achievements in the field of valves, hande valve finally solved the international technical problems in the field of black water regulating valves, developed and overcome the high-end technology hd8p (e/hy) 85 series black water regulating valves, and applied for national patents. Winning this honor is the pride of every hande people. Hande is trying to create a high-tech, high-quality high-end brand

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