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When hairy crabs play "securitization" friends: "the routine is deeper than Yangcheng Lake"

release date: Source: Xinmin Evening News

"autumn wind rises, crab yellow fat", it is a good time to eat hairy crabs again. It is reported that this year, Yangcheng Lake will start fishing on September 23, which also means that this year's Mid Autumn Festival shoppers can't eat authentic Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs for the time being. However, crab coupons have taken the lead in landing on major online and offline sales platforms

according to insiders, hairy crabs are a special commodity in fresh food, and the annual consumption period lasts from late September to mid December, and it is difficult to preserve and transport. Therefore, about a decade ago, some businesses took advantage of the trend to invent crab vouchers, which consumers can withdraw at any time after crabs are mature, and crab vouchers are also jokingly called

"paper crabs" by consumers

"paper crabs with factories in 17 countries around the world" has entered the peak consumption season

yaoshuishui, director of Suzhou Yangcheng Lake hairy crab industry association office, said that this year, Yangcheng Lake will start fishing on September 23. Due to better weather conditions, the specification and quality of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are better than previous years, which can be said to usher in a "big year" for hairy crabs

it is understood that the annual output of hairy crabs in Yangcheng Lake is more than 1000 tons, while the overall output of hairy crabs is more than 800000 tons. In recent years, the output is also increasing. Hairy crabs generally mature in late September, while crabs from mid October to mid November are the most plump. The Mid Autumn Festival and National Day usher in the peak sales season. According to the 2018 hairy crab China market consumption report, since 2016, hairy crab sales have doubled in the past three years, with a year-on-year increase of more than 140% in 2018

behind the surge in the production and sales of the gate, many players poured into the market. According to tianyancha data, the number of crab enterprises in China has increased year by year in the past 20 years, reaching more than 25000 in 2019. In tianyancha's agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery search, using "crab" as the keyword, there are 5673 companies, of which 1074 companies have been established in the past year, accounting for nearly 20%

according to insiders, hairy crabs are a special commodity in fresh food, and the annual consumption period lasts from late September to mid December, and it is not easy to preserve and transport. Therefore, about a decade ago, some businesses took advantage of the trend to invent "crab vouchers", which can be extracted at any time after crabs mature, and crab vouchers are also jokingly called "paper crabs" by consumers

from July every year, crab vouchers begin to be sold on major e-commerce platforms. On September 12, "hairy crab" was used as the keyword to search on Taobao, and 14 crab coupon sellers sold more than 10000. Among them, the hairy crab gift certificate of a brand with the highest sales volume shows that 59000 people have received the goods. Take four pairs of crabs with four males and three females as an example. If the promotion price is 148, the sales volume of the store will reach 8.79 million

in sharp contrast, many consumers reported that the price of crab coupons this year was lower than that in previous years. Xiaoya, a consumer, said that since August this year, she has purchased six crab coupons from different stores on e-commerce platforms, four pairs of crabs with specifications of four liang of male and three liang of female, with purchase prices ranging from 58 to 98. Last year, she bought only 3.5 liang of crabs and 2 liang of crabs at the same price. She is also looking forward to this year's hairy crabs

Jinan testing machine factory of crab securities teaches you how to choose a testing machine? Turn into "talk on paper"

what is the calculation of the business, from physical goods to gift certificates, from spot to futures? Can consumers benefit from it

many people have heard such a passage. The dealer prints 2000 crab coupons with a face value of 500, sells 400 to the enterprise purchasing staff, and the enterprise purchasing staff takes them as gifts. The recipient sells them to the recycler at the price of 250, and the recycler sells them to the dealer at the price of 300. The dealer repurchases the crab coupons and earns 100 each, making 200000 easily

the logic of this approach is that crab dealers issue crab vouchers at artificially high prices, and these gift certificates travel around the society. Businesses can lie down and make money without selling crabs or even physical security

"almost everything can be securitized, but the most important thing is that some commodity securitization may eventually lead to adverse results. For example, businesses do not need to raise crabs or produce moon cakes, and they can earn a lot of money through financial means." Songqinghui, an economist, believes that the evil result of this operation is that businesses no longer pay attention to the product itself, and only ordinary consumers can finally pay the bill

Wan Zhe, chief economist of China Gold Group, said that this practice was more obvious in the previous moon cake coupons, but with the introduction of eight regulations and the compression of three public fees, the above arbitrage methods are now basically extinct

last year, the Beijing News reported that with the continuous strengthening and deepening of anti-corruption efforts, the phenomenon of buying crab coupons with stricter specifications and inspection standards has significantly reduced in recent years. The once popular crab coupon recycling business has rarely attracted scalpers. The gift giving function of crab coupon has been weakened, and the circulation rate as a gift has decreased significantly

paper crabs harvest "leeks"

however, some businesses still play a new "small abacus" on crab vouchers, and consumers are increasingly roast about crab vouchers

friend Jack SM: last year, the monthly reservation of crab tickets was always full, and they couldn't be delivered. I tried again a few days ago, saying that I would wait until December, so I was a liar

you dgwk668: if you want to take advantage of the business, what he wants is your principal

you Xiaozhu: four liang of crabs received only two Liang. One moment, they said that they were worn out, and the other moment, they said that crabs would spit water

as an industry practitioner, Lou Zhongming, general manager of Manzhou ecological agriculture (Sihong) Co., Ltd., has an insight into the mystery behind it. There is a question about crab coupons on Zhihu, "why is the price of crab coupons this year (not in Yangcheng Lake) lower than in previous years?"

Lou Zhongming asked, hairy crabs are obviously expensive, but some businesses can sell them very cheaply and make profits. Did their hairy crabs fall from the sky

Lou Zhongming calculated a cost account. A brand of 4.5 two male crabs, 3.5 two female crabs and 8 crabs were priced at 99. The express fee of crab coupon is 5, and the production cost of crab coupon is ignored. The packaging fee when picking up crab is 6, the labor fee is 2, and the express fee is 23. If the profit is 15, the cost left for crab is only 48. In the wholesale market, 3.5 pairs of female crabs with good quality are close to 2001 Jin, and 48 can only buy one

he bluntly said that this kind of account will lose money immediately. If the seller wants to make money, he can only control the cost of crabs at 48. The logic of low-cost crab coupons is to "fill the small with the big, and fill the inferior with the good"

according to Lou Zhongming's introduction to Zhongxin Jingwei client, the price difference of crabs of different specifications is huge. Generally, the price of high-quality 3 Liang female crabs is twice as expensive as 2.5 Liang, and the price of 3 Liang female crabs is twice as expensive as 2 liang. In fact, the cost of crabs that are marked as large will be calculated according to the selling price, and a certain profit space will be reserved

in addition, the pre-sale of crab coupons will also bring huge amounts of precipitation funds. It is understood that crab coupons have been in the pre-sale since August. Based on 200 crab coupons, if 10000 crab coupons are sold, 2million precipitation funds can be brought. What are the characteristics of the oil cylinder of the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine? It will take a total of months for crabs to pick up goods in early August, and they will all be deposited in the hands of merchants

"'futures' crab can increase the advance collection of enterprises." Zhu danpeng, an analyst of China's food industry, said that the preferential intensity is also different from cash and spot to selling 'futures' crabs. However, because consumers pay in advance, they will bear certain risks

another drawback of pre-sale goods for consumers is that they are easy to forget. According to Lou Zhongming's observation, the proportion of crab coupons issued without delivery in that year was 10% - 20%, generally due to the second donation of crab coupons

"some people may not like to eat and it is not easy to realize, so they directly wait until it expires. In addition, the exchange cycle of crab coupons is long, so it is inevitable to forget to exchange. For crab coupon merchants, this part of the profits are earned in vain." An insider said

Lou Zhongming said that crab coupons are only a kind of pre-sale, which will actually increase the cost of suppliers, such as printing crab coupons, packaging gift boxes and express fees for mailing crab coupons. "In recent years, I have been doing customer guidance. Customers who eat by themselves rather than give gifts are not recommended to buy crab coupons."

Zhao Zhanzhan, deputy director of Beijing Zhilin law firm, said in an interview with Zhongxin Jingwei client that if a consumer finds that he cannot pick up the goods or the measurement information does not conform to the previous commodity description when exchanging physical goods, he will be involved in contract breach. Consumers can ask for a refund, and third-party e-commerce platforms are also obliged to formulate dispute handling rules. After a dispute occurs, consumers can first complain about the business on the platform and deal with it according to the rules. If they are not satisfied, they can report to the market supervision department. In addition, we should also do a good job in prevention. It will be more reliable to choose brand merchants or larger merchants when buying crab vouchers

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