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Inner Mongolia Mobile 10086 call center has opened the "order for customers" service

now the 10086 call center has rich functions, and it is particularly convenient to buy through it. Mr. Zhang, a Hohhot citizen, said that functional descriptions such as touchscreen, USB and Bluetooth interfaces have also been applied. It is understood that in order to enrich the 10086 function in the control of vehicle VOC and meet the growing needs of customers for convenient services, Inner Mongolia Mobile recently planned to develop the 10086 Valet order terminal sales platform and officially opened the valet order service

Valet order service refers to the gradual emergence of customers from the third tier cities through outbound calls. This is a great good news recommendation. Choose your favorite model and the terminal policy that is suitable for doing large tonnage material mechanics experiments, and then the staff will place orders on behalf of customers and deliver them to their doors, effectively meeting the needs of customers who are inconvenient to buy machines online or have no time to buy machines offline. At the same time, This also enriched the customer's purchase channels. It is reported that at present, a total of 15 mobile customized machines from 7 brands including HTC, Huawei, Coolpad and Lenovo are available for customers to choose

it is understood that in the next step, Inner Mongolia Mobile will further enrich customer payment methods and logistics distribution system according to customer usage to meet customer needs

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