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With the rapid development of domestic cultural industry, the printing market has developed rapidly. At present, China's printing market share is only second to that of the United States and has become an important force in international printing. The outdoor advertising market has become the main contributor to the domestic printing force. The rapid development of the national economy has driven the rapid development of outdoor print advertising, and print advertising has injected a strong driving force for the development of inkjet printing (strengthening the marine military and civil scientific research plan, taking into account the connection 1) development opportunities for the plastic processing industry. With the development of digital printing, personalized design function provides greater development space for advertising design

with its multiple advantages in technology, inkjet printing continues to expand its scope of application. At present, the main application fields of inkjet printing are sign and logo printing (including flags, point of sale advertisements, etc.). According to statistics, the output value of sign printing in the global inkjet printing industry in 2008 was 6.5 billion euros (of which, the market output value of China's "opinions" display sign was 1.5 billion euros), an increase of 57% over 2003, and it is expected to increase by 52% by 2013. In 2008, the output value of inkjet printing in the field of anti-counterfeiting printing was 391million euros, an increase of 94% over 2003. Label printing inkjet printing, an area with rapid growth, achieved an output value of 867million euros in 2008 (in 2003, the output value was only 355million euros). At the same time, inkjet printing has also been involved in all packaging fields, such as corrugated paper printing, cardboard printing, flexible packaging printing, label printing, metal can printing

in China, the main driving force for the vigorous growth of inkjet printing is the outdoor advertising market, which has great development potential. The author believes that inkjet printing will develop rapidly with China's outdoor advertising market in the next few decades

as an emerging economy, China's outdoor advertising market is currently growing at an alarming rate. Relevant data show that in 2004, the sales volume of China's outdoor advertising market reached 16billion yuan (RMB, the same below), an increase of 23.1% over 13billion yuan in 2003. Some insiders believe that the growth prospects of China's outdoor advertising market may even be greater than those of the more mature European and North American markets

in the 21st century, outdoor advertising has already broken through the single form of store sign type, and there have been more new outdoor media, such as car body advertising, bus shelter advertising, subway station advertising, elevator advertising, high column advertising, three sided advertising, wall advertising, roof advertising, neon lights, LED display screens, etc. outdoor advertising has come along with the reform and opening up of the city, and is bidding farewell to the extensive, Entering the new development stage of optimization and consolidation, people-oriented and harmonious development will have a future. The vigorous development of outdoor advertising market will undoubtedly open a new realm for inkjet printing

as a large printing country, inkjet printing is more and more widely used in the field of commercial packaging, outdoor advertising and industrial fields, but at the same time, the development of inkjet printing is also facing many challenges, especially the changing and improving technology and product requirements of customers in the Chinese market, how to help customers better seize business opportunities and choose the most appropriate products and technologies, At present, the suppliers of inkjet printing solutions in China need to be clear

therefore, whether inkjet printing can become the mainstream technology of the industry is not the most important. Solution providers should strive to provide more considerate services to the whole market (service providers and consumers), mainly about the advantages of digital technology and the recent progress of printing systems and inks. In addition, only continuous efforts to develop faster, more efficient and lower price devices can attract service providers who have not yet chosen inkjet technology. Haig continued: our analysis results show that effectively combining education and training, marketing and product performance improvement will directly promote the application of inkjet technology in the Chinese market

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