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Inkjet printing takes the inkjet head as a sharp weapon

during the drupa exhibition, Landa nano digital printing made people bright and attracted the attention of visitors and the media. It has also become the most beautiful scenery of this exhibition. In this exhibition, digital printing has become the most concerned topic. Canon, Epson and Fuji Xerox have all launched their own digital printing machines; Heidelberg and gaobao also launched corresponding digital printing machines through cooperation. The tide of digital printing has come to the global printing industry with the arrival of drupa

digital printing can be mainly divided into two areas: laser principle digital printing and inkjet printing. Laser original digital printing is an early digital printing method. Xerox igen4 sheet fed digital printing machine, Kodak nexpresss3600 sheet fed digital printing machine and hpindigow7200 web digital printing machine are all electrostatic digital printing machines. Due to its own influence, the speed of this digital printing method can not meet the needs of commercial printing, so it is generally used in printers and some digital printing machines that are not very fast. Inkjet printing is another digital printing method, and it is also the most promising printing method today. In 2011, the output value of inkjet printing accounted for 4.2% of the output value of the entire printing industry, accounting for 0.5% of the overall output. With the gradual decline of the output share of the traditional printing market, the proportion of inkjet printing products has increased strongly, which is also the attraction of inkjet printing in the eyes of printing equipment suppliers. It is estimated that by 2017, the share of inkjet printing may be less than 1%, but its output value will be significant. The distance between markings usually increases between 25 ~ 50mm, which is expected to reach about 7% of the output value of the whole printing market

ink jet printing can be divided into two types: bubble printing and piezoelectric printing. Bubble inkjet technology is to set a heating plate on the wall of the inkjet head and heat the selected heating device through electric pulse to make the nozzle spray ink drops. When heated to a certain temperature, the ink droplets become bubbles and explode, which are ejected through the nozzle through the heating chamber and fall on the surface of the substrate. The number of ink drops falling on the surface of the substrate can be controlled by changing the temperature of the heating device, so as to achieve the purpose of printing images. Piezoelectric inkjet technology places many small piezoelectric ceramics near the nozzle. These piezoelectric ceramics have the characteristics of extension or contraction, and will deform under the action of voltage at both ends (with different image information, the voltage at both ends will change, and the deformation degree of piezoelectric ceramics will also be different), and then stretch and stretch to make the ink in the nozzle spray out and fall on the surface of the substrate. The inkjet head is composed of many tiny ink channels, and the number of ink channels is the number of nozzles in the inkjet head. In general, the more nozzles, the shorter the time it takes to complete the inkjet process, the faster the printing speed, and the higher the quality of the printed image. Bubble type is also called continuous inkjet, and piezoelectric type is also called on-demand printing

inkjet printing is known as a printing method that can replace offset printing in the future, but its development is restricted by inkjet head and ink. Among them, the inkjet head is the main part of the inkjet printer and the core part of the printer. The quality of the inkjet head directly determines the performance of the inkjet printer

I. sair

established in 1990, sair is a world-class inkjet head manufacturer. So far, IPR has obtained 4 patents and 84 patent applications from local judicial institutions. Cel has nine authorized nozzle licensors, including brother, Konica, sharp and Toshiba tiger

in 2003, Saier launched its first batch production nozzle, which fully combines its unique and patented gray-scale technology. Subsequently, Saier successively withdrew from xaar318, xaar500, xaar1001 and other nozzles. Xaar1001 can spray ink drops of different sizes, which is very suitable for packaging printing and display image sheet printing with fine requirements, and its printing speed can be doubled. This unique patented technology of TF continuous ink supply can provide a very high level of normal operation time of the machine. This is very important to improve the production efficiency of ceramic manufacturers. Markalexander, marketing director of cel, said that cel will continue to explore this rapidly developing market and further develop the best inkjet head products to meet the special needs of this market

at present, the application of Saier nozzles in the market is very wide. Most inkjet machines use Saier inkjet heads, with a printing width of 17.4mm

the Saier electronic nozzle has 128 small pipes, which has little change in shape and size compared with the original 128. The biggest difference is that the electronic spring testing machine is used for the mechanical property detection and process capability analysis of various springs. The nozzle has a built-in filter, which can filter the impurities of ink and protect the nozzle. It has stronger compatibility with ink and will prolong the service life of the nozzle. With its own electronic device, it can control and adjust the temperature, which is more conducive to the spray of ink, similar to Konica's nozzle. The ink drops become smaller and the accuracy is very high. There are two main models: Xaar electronic sprinkler electron70-w/70pl and Xaar electronic sprinkler electron35-w/35pl

most of the nozzles produced by Saier company are made of Teflon materials, so the stability can not be guaranteed, and the accuracy will be reduced after a few months of use

II. Canon

in 1980, Canon developed an inkjet printer y-80 based on bubble inkjet technology. In 1999, Canon introduced an inkjet printing equipment with 4 Pico liters of ink drops using independent ink cartridge technology, and began to develop fine (full photographiyinkjet nozzleengineering) inkjet head technology; In 2002, an inkjet head with multi size nozzles was introduced, which can simultaneously spray 2 microliters and 5 microliters of ink droplets; In 2004, an inkjet head with more than 6000 nozzles, 1 Pico liter of ink drops and a maximum service life resolution of 9600dpi was manufactured to detect these small parts; In 2005, the ink-jet head with fine technology was launched, equipped with an independent ink cartridge system that can be replaced separately for each color, which can spray only 1 microliter of ink droplets, and can achieve a high resolution of 9600dpi and 2400dpi; In September, 2007, Canon launched 12 color large format inkjet printing equipment such as imageprogramafipf5000, ipf700, ipf600, ipf500, which uses high-density inkjet heads with fine technology. Each color has 2560 nozzles, and 12 color ink has a total of 30720 nozzles. Each nozzle can spray at least 4 microliters of ink droplets

III. Epson

espon nozzle has always been an independent leader in the era of Japanese photo machines. Epson nozzle can be seen in Mimaki, Roland, mouth and other series of Japanese photo machines. At present, domestic equipment has also started to use Epson DX5 on a large scale to take the lead in the development of domestic photo inkjet machines, among which the more famous are domestic manufacturers such as justice, tmine, Honghua, Ricci, futley and so on

IV. Kyocera

Kyocera nozzle products can eject ink droplets from an inknozzle at the fastest speed of 60000 times per second (driving frequency of 60KHZ). There are 2656 nozzles in the inkjet head, which can eject about 150million dots per second. In order to improve the speed, measures such as 1) increasing the driving frequency, 2) improving the nozzle shape, 3) adjusting the waterproof membrane material are taken. In order to improve the driving frequency, the piezoelectric actuator and flow path structure are redesigned. In terms of nozzle shape, the straightness of ejection is improved by improving the accuracy. It is said that the spraying accuracy can be improved according to the change of material

each nozzle of the inkjet head kj4b-jf06 can spray ink up to 60000 times per second (driving frequency 60KHZ), and a single nozzle with 2656 nozzles has the ability to spray about 150million points per second. In the field of on-demand inkjet printing, its printing speed is the fastest in the world

it is understood that the inkjet head used by Landa is the inkjet head of Kyocera

v. Konica Minolta

the nozzle is a double row ink inlet pipe with uniform flow and pressure. Ensure print quality. Some brands are single row

512 Konica nozzle is a fully enclosed nozzle, which is waterproof and anti-aging. Because it is totally enclosed, there will be no circuit short circuit and other situations mentioned above. The service life of the nozzle is long, so there is no need to change the nozzle, which will greatly save maintenance costs. High precision, fast printing speed, 14pl precision is 1440dpi, 42pl precision is 720dpl, printing 1pass is equivalent to some 2pass

VI. Fujifilm

spectrum company first produced office printing hot foaming nozzles, and finally gave up to develop industrial piezoelectric nozzles due to the emergence of HP, which was later acquired by Fuji Japan. Its nozzle is characterized by small ink drops (high corresponding accuracy), very high spray frequency (fast speed), and not very picky about ink. American witter is the brand that first adopted spectrum nozzle, and it is also the most highly praised inkjet machine in the global market. The problem with spectrum is that the price of nozzle is too high. Although witter has sold hundreds of sets in China, the inkjet machine products of several domestic manufacturers using spectrum nozzle have never become mainstream products, Are mainly for export. It is a light-weight container nozzle with precise stainless steel packaging. All components can move quickly and are suitable for printers with superior performance. The main models include four series: spectrum series, inspira series, Endura series and performa series

VII. Ricoh nozzle

Ricoh acquired Hitachi's nozzle technology research and development department. Hitachi originally had two types of nozzles that worked well, hitachi256i and hitachi256ii, vutek5300 and vutek3300. These two machines used 16 hitachi256i nozzles respectively. This type of nozzle is mainly used in hpscitex:idanit, and pressjet machine saves energy; At the same time, 150 hitachi256ii nozzles were used in hpscitexpressjet and hptuberjet8300 on the loaded oven with green blocks. This record seems to have not been broken yet. At present, only Taiwei machines are used by domestic manufacturers I remember that in 2002, Taiwei was promoting Hitachi's sprinkler. In 2010, digitex in Fuzhou began to use the sprinkler of rich's gen47pl

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