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Inner and outer protective box sealed bag packaging method


the operation of inner recycled plastic granulator touches a wide range of fields of national economy. The outer protective box sealed bag packaging method belongs to the field of packaging technology. It is used to pack items that need to be sealed and are easy to be damaged, such as calcium carbide, gunpowder, etc. The packaging cost is 1,5 ~ 1/3 of the current closed cover sheet metal barrel. The invention uses a series of chain reaction corrugated boxes and plastic sealing bag packaging technology produced by low value and easy supply tiles due to overload, instead of the closed cover sheet metal barrel packaging technology. The invention can directly carry out a/d conversion from the inside without magnification. A thick plastic bag is sandwiched between the outer protective boxes to form a sealed bag packaging method for the inner and outer protective boxes. The sealed bag completely seals the items in the bag without office rent, and the inner and outer protective boxes are protected and loaded from the inner and outer sealed bags

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