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It is reported that all nuclear power plants in operation and under construction in China are located in coastal areas, while the world's 5 Cement mortar vibrating station the nuclear power plants of several nuclear power countries are mainly distributed inland. There is little difference in technical requirements between inland nuclear power plants and coastal nuclear power plants. There are more than 440 nuclear power plants worldwide, of which more than 50% are located in inland areas

the exploitable capacity of China's inland nuclear power is about 62 million KW, and it will take time to start

China has completed the preliminary feasibility study review of as many as 31 inland reserve plant sites. Conservatively assuming that on average, 2 units are built at each plant site, and each has an installed capacity of 1 million KW, then China's inland nuclear power can be operated for 10 minutes, and the simple development capacity is about 6. With the strong support of all parties concerned, the development capacity of China's inland nuclear power is about 2 million KW

be cautious in the development of inland nuclear power, and it will take time to start. According to the National Atomic Energy Agency, the first sites of China's inland nuclear power plants have been determined to be Taohuajiang in Hunan, Xianning in Hubei and Pengze in Jiangxi, and the roadstrips have been obtained and preliminary preparations have been carried out. However, at present, the three major inland nuclear power plants have not been approved

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