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Chongqing hydraulic turbine structural parts workshop innovation and reform

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year for structural parts workshop. Affected by the epidemic, many production tasks are lagging behind. In order to better complete the production tasks in 2020, under the leadership of minister Mu Cheng, Kong Xiangqiu and Zhang Chenglin, according to the relevant requirements of the company for our workshop, 2020 is bound to be an extraordinary year for the structural parts workshop. Affected by the epidemic, the current situation has provided us with a new way to solve the waste problem, and many production tasks are lagging behind. In order to better complete the production tasks in 2020, under the leadership of minister Mu Cheng, Kong Xiangqiu and Zhang Chenglin, and according to the relevant requirements of the company for our workshop, we will closely focus on "cost reduction and efficiency increase", To better break through the "short, frequent and fast" in production, the workshop has launched a series of innovative reforms

I. structural adjustment

the workshop broke the original riveting and welding section I and II, which should be fastened in time; Merge into a riveting and welding section, transfer personnel to establish a forming section, and merge three teams of grinding, sanding, painting and heat treatment into a surface treatment section. Such adjustment can make the technical backbones jump out of the original framework, give full play to the technical advantages of the technical backbones, form a strong "quick reaction commando", and ensure that the arrangement and assault on production tasks are more flexible and fast. In order to ensure the improvement of product quality, the workshop uses materials, breaks the existing fixed position limitations of personnel, and adjusts the positions of corresponding highly skilled personnel, so that professional people can do professional things, so as to avoid the waste of talents and better serve the improvement of product quality

II. Production area adjustment

the division of some production areas of the original hydraulic universal testing machine in the workshop will cause a large number of molding and sizing parts to be hoisted repeatedly, which greatly increases the labor cost and product manufacturing cycle, and the internal conversion cost is quite amazing. This regional adjustment and the establishment of professional forming sections, better reduce repeated internal rotation, so that parts do not leave the same region to complete the corresponding processes, so as to achieve the "short, frequency, fast" of products, and achieve the purpose of cost reduction and efficiency increase

third, set up youth commandos

use the existing technical talents to organize two powerful youth commandos. A commando team is composed of three young welders who live in the dormitory and Luohuang. They fight continuously for 12 hours from 12:50 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. the next day; Another commando team is composed of riveters, welders and grinders who live in Li Jiatuo and other places far away. In the case of no extended and medium-term transportation vehicles in the near future, their transportation mode is solved by the workshop itself. This commando team also fights continuously for 12 hours from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day. Since the establishment of these two commandos, the existing production pressure of the workshop has been greatly reduced, and the cycle delayed by the epidemic is gradually catching up

Fourth, implement quantitative standards for welders and start the reform of distribution system

the workshop will change the original welding materials from welders to daily receiving and returning records system. Each welder must register the weight of welding materials used for work every day, and the products used. When returning welding materials to the warehouse after work, the weight must also be registered. There are two advantages in doing this. First, it can quantify and compare the workload of each person every day, find out the gap between people who don't work hard enough and others, make them improve work efficiency, and effectively curb the phenomenon of not contributing to work. The second is to conduct more detailed practical statistics on the welding materials ruled by the product, find out the ruling gap, and better provide relevant real data for the formulation of process quota

due to the insufficient quota of some products, which has seriously affected the production enthusiasm of workers, the workshop can only make corresponding balance adjustment under the existing resources, strictly implement the distribution system according to work, so that the hard work of employees can be rewarded accordingly, so that the production enthusiasm of employees will not be eroded

stimulated by a series of reform measures, the production atmosphere in the workshop has changed greatly, which has well mobilized the production enthusiasm and initiative of employees. Next, the reform of the workshop will be constantly adjusted according to the actual situation, so that the direction of the reform is not biased, and the driving force of the reform will never be reduced

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