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Hit a new bridge: Schneider Electric helps the distribution OEM industry describe a new future of smart manufacturing

Beijing, China, January 8, 2021 with the continuous development of China's network information technology, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are accelerating transformation. In the new era, China's development has entered the fast lane. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of rapid social and economic development, China has made it clear to promote the optimization of energy production and consumption structure, adhere to the guidance of clean and low-carbon, speed up the green and low-carbon transformation of hydropower, wind power, solar power generation, etc., and promote the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of energy

at present, with the wave of new infrastructure and the promotion of carbon neutrality goals, the power industry will usher in unprecedented new opportunities. In the "suggestions of the CPC Central Committee on formulating the 14th five year plan and the long-term goals of the 2035 for national economic and social development" issued in November 2020, it is proposed to promote the energy revolution, build a smart energy system, optimize the layout of power production and transmission channels, improve the consumption and storage capacity of new energy sources, and clarify the importance of the energy and power industry as infrastructure construction

it can be seen that power, as the basic energy support for the operation of the new generation of digital technology, on the one hand, safe, stable and efficient distribution equipment and solutions can ensure the sustainability and stability of power supply and realize the rapid development of all walks of life; On the other hand, the new infrastructure of electric power also needs to be based on industrial digitalization, establish an intelligent energy development system, build digital, intelligent and information-based power infrastructure, and provide new momentum for the transformation and upgrading, innovative development and operation management of the power industry

three levels + four objectives to optimize the solution of distribution OEM industry

Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, focuses on the demand update of applications in the electrical industry, and pays attention to the transformation and upgrading of OEM industry under the digital trend. Schneider Electric noted that in the past, OEM equipment manufacturers of power distribution paid more attention to the cost of components, including the improvement of equipment performance. But now they pay more attention to the upgrading of equipment and the key issues of operation and maintenance management

Schneider Electric has deep industry application experience and technology accumulation in the intelligent manufacturing industry of distribution equipment. Based on the ecostruxure architecture and platform, from the interconnection product layer, to the edge control software layer, and then to the application, analysis and service layer, Schneider Electric continues to accelerate the upgrading of solutions at three levels to achieve the four goals of Schneider Electric, The ability to help distribution OEM equipment manufacturers and end customers cope with the challenges of digital transformation and upgrading, and promote the upgrading and transformation of the industry

safe and reliable: Schneider Electric has a complete product line covering from low voltage to medium voltage, to UPS, to industrial control, and rich application experience in various fields. Through the products and complete sets of equipment with excellent quality and intelligent attributes at the bottom, to ensure the reliable and continuous power supply, and collect system data in real time and accurately, so as to achieve simple deployment and accelerate the digital coverage of the industry

cost optimization: Schneider Electric relies on rich products and multi industry solutions. Users can customize the overall solution or choose a mature solution according to the actual project needs and budget. Users can obtain a large number of new functions when the cost is only increased by 5%. Realize the reasonable optimization of users' costs, and realize the upgrading of flexibility and agility

efficient operation: Based on the intelligent attribute of the underlying equipment, upload the collected data to the cloud, and build a management system including pme/pso/Qianliyan operation and maintenance experts, so as to realize users' remote control of the system and real-time perception of the operation state of power distribution equipment, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the system. Combined with artificial intelligence and Schneider Electric's rich practical experience, the generated consultant level suggestions give users electrical system optimization suggestions and asset health diagnosis reports, so as to comprehensively ensure the health of users' electrical assets

precise research and development: with strong research and development capabilities and professional service team, Schneider Electric can customize series products according to customer needs, and empower distribution OEM equipment manufacturers with the advantages of digitalization and automation. When there is demand in the industry, Schneider Electric's partners can provide services to users at the first time, and work with distribution OEM equipment manufacturers to enable product and service strategies, help manufacturers expand customer business models, and achieve the goal of joint cooperation and development

after many iterations, ecostruxure architecture has become a link between Schneider Electric and distribution OEM equipment manufacturers and end users. Through its own technological innovation, Schneider Electric has established an effective communication bridge between the end user's power consumption side and the distribution OEM equipment manufacturers, further optimized the operation efficiency and cost with the integration of it and OT, achieved the reliable operation, real-time monitoring and efficient operation and maintenance of equipment and systems, and comprehensively provided innovative energy management methods and overall solutions for users on the power supply side and power consumption side

seek new opportunities based on the situation and bring new changes to the industry

practice is the only standard to test the truth. No matter how perfect the solution planning is, it also needs to be put into practice to prove its value, which is also true for Schneider Electric. Since 2013, Schneider Electric has begun to lay out the ecostruxure framework. Now its products and solutions have covered all links from power generation, transformation, transmission, distribution, energy storage to power consumption. Its fields of concern touch the distribution equipment manufacturing market of more than 30 sub industries in three categories: power supply, energy generation and industrial process equipment

in 2020, the smart manufacturing summit of distribution equipment was held during the Changsha station of Schneider Electric Innovation Summit. Zhang Fan, vice president of Schneider electric energy efficiency management low voltage business marketing department, Zhao Tianyi, head of industry market, and Zhang Huiliang, national sales manager of Schneider Electric Distribution OEM, attended the meeting. During the meeting, they had in-depth exchanges and discussions with many industry users, and conveyed that Schneider Electric closely followed the development direction of the new infrastructure and the new era, Schneider Electric has always been committed to working with partners to promote the development concept of intelligent manufacturing and upgrading of power equipment

new development of new energy: under the trend of high-quality development of new energy, renewable energy, including wind power and photovoltaic, has entered a healthy and orderly development stage. At the first meeting of the new infrastructure work leading group held by State Grid in 2020, it was emphasized that new energy infrastructure represented by UHV is conducive to promoting energy restructuring and clean and low-carbon development

for new energy, all links of the new energy system, from power generation to consolidation, should be supported by reliable electrical systems. Schneider Electric, based on its keen market insight, complies with the development of the times and the needs of enterprises, and constantly innovates from technology, products to solutions. With a one-stop, customizable intelligent distribution solution, Schneider Electric can reduce the difficulty of electrical system operation and maintenance, effectively ensure the stability of electrical system operation, and improve the operation efficiency and power quality of new energy system

key layout data center: with the acceleration of digital transformation in all walks of life and the promotion of the strategy of new infrastructure, the market scale of data center has been continuously enlarged. At the same time, this has also brought new challenges to the construction of data centers and technological development. As the basis for the operation of data centers, stable power input has naturally become one of the key issues for the development of the industry

Schneider Electric has mature and reliable products and rich industry experience in the field of data center power distribution, which can meet the various needs of different customers. With the help of ecostruxure architecture and platform, combined with three-level technical optimization, Schneider Electric has ensured the strict requirements of the data center industry for power quality, power supply stability, energy consumption management and operation and maintenance efficiency with a more highly integrated medium and low voltage distribution integrated infrastructure and full life cycle solutions, enabling the efficient development of the data center industry

safe and reliable diesel generator: diesel generator has become the first choice in many fields to deal with power interruption and prevent the risk of power failure because of its low cost and energy consumption and convenient operation and maintenance. As mentioned above, under the guidance of the new infrastructure, fields such as data center, 5g infrastructure and industrial interconnection have received new opportunities for rapid development. However, once power interruption occurs, it will lead to significant economic losses in emerging industries. Therefore, it is very necessary for enterprises to choose standby power supply

in 2015, Schneider Electric began to have close exchanges and cooperation with Kohler, the leader of generator set manufacturer, in components and many projects. The cooperation between the two sides has gradually expanded from the low-voltage distribution and control system components at the bottom to the low-voltage complete sets of equipment, so as to jointly strengthen the performance of Kohler diesel generator unit and the overall scheme

in 2017, Kohler chose to cooperate with Schneider Electric again. In a domestic LCD panel production line factory project, he chose transformers, masterpact air circuit breakers, frequency converters and other medium and low-voltage power distribution and industrial control products, as well as many Schneider Electric low-voltage sets of equipment such as BLOKSET and okken. And use Qianliyan operation and maintenance expert software to endow the diesel generator unit with digital capability, help users master the status of diesel generator unit in real time, improve the fault handling efficiency, ensure the smooth operation of diesel generator unit and electrical system, and promote the high-quality production of panel production line

not only that, Schneider Electric hopes to create a more professional, intelligent and comprehensive distribution OEM equipment manufacturing solution through the strong alliance with Kohler, so as to jointly promote the overall digitalization and informatization construction of the industry

China's energy development in the new era always adheres to innovation coordinate "Process integration and automation are the prerequisites for meeting the unit cost requirements of the high-yield automotive industry. The new development concept of green, open and shared, and the construction of a diversified and clean energy supply system naturally bring market dividends to the field of distribution OEM equipment manufacturing. Schneider Electric, based on the rapid development and reform of digital technology, empowers the field of distribution equipment manufacturing. I hope to continue to work together with more distribution OEM equipment systems in the future Manufacturing enterprises and old materials must carry out drying partners before forming, seize the development opportunities of the industry, take safety and reliability as the cornerstone, and take intelligence and informatization as the support to measure the internal temperature near the square bottom of the drill cone, promote the intelligent manufacturing and upgrading of power distribution equipment, and meet the new future of the industry

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