The hottest and unique mosaic world

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The unique mosaic world

mosaic originated from ancient Greece and originally meant "art work worthy of meditation and requiring patience". This ancient mosaic art, which has existed in the Roman period, uses colored inlays such as pebbles, shellfish, tiles, and glass pieces to draw Patchwork Patterns on the wall or floor, and its changeable performance techniques are sublimated again in the 21st century

people who have been to Milan can hardly forget the magnificent mosaic decorative paintings in classical architecture. Mosaic, as a decorative material, has a long history. It was widely used in building exterior wall decoration in the 1980s. Its monotonous and mechanized pattern color makes people's impression of it almost generalize in terms of old-fashioned, cheap and rough words, which makes it difficult to think of its glory. In recent years, there has been a burst of retro style in the world, and the gorgeous and complex decorative style has made a comeback. This ancient decorative method has once again radiated new vitality

modernist abstract space

as early as the 16th century, when glass makers discovered how to make many different colors of glass, some mosaic workshops (1) beams operated normally and produced as many as 10000 different colors, so they began to imitate painters, and mosaic became the "solid" pigment in their hands

using a variety of squares of different colors and sizes, coupled with careful design, mosaic can detect a variety of raw materials, create a diversified splicing mode, and cause Feng 1 Building an innovation center of new material manufacturing industry has rich imagination space. No matter gradual change or sudden change; Diffusion and narrowing; Simple or abstract effects are presented one by one. For example, the center of the paving area is mainly dark colored small cells, and the surrounding area is surrounded by light colored ones, giving people a feeling of diffusion; If you like simple ones, you can pave a mosaic pattern on the wall and add a piece of "brick" art to the living room, showing natural style

the small squares are extremely plastic, and even figures or landscape patterns can be put together. They can be put into the "big" hall with "small" things, so the hall is also very eye-catching

mosaic laid indoors can highlight the distinctive fashion taste. It is small and exquisite, suitable for a wide range of places, and can fully display the space. The collocation of dark and light colors has the effect of expanding the sense of space; On the wall of the smaller living room, you can choose monochrome or monochrome, and insert several rows of horizontal spaces with different colors in the middle to make a waist line like lining, which is very fashionable

together with different bricks, the flexible and changeable characteristics of mosaic can be brought into full play, making the whole picture more diversified and achieving the effect of mutual contrast

classical and lively texture world

with the development of science and technology, the texture of mosaics has reached an ever-changing level, including glass, natural stone, porcelain, glazed, pure gold, metal There are countless, and the color of

is becoming richer and richer

mosaic stitched by small size has a flexible and lively aesthetic feeling, and can easily combine various exquisite patterns. In the bathroom, the overwhelming monotonous same color combination is undoubtedly extremely outdated. We can use different colors, give full play to our endless imagination, and build distinctive geometric figures - natural scenery, fairy tale world, and even Impressionist paintings Space is more interesting; Or just use mosaic to lay a background wall in the shower room, and its decorative effect will also be surprising

glass mosaic has rich colors and convenient color matching, which can change the dreamy effect of different depths under the light; Natural stone mosaic each mosaic is different and changeable in shape, which is suitable for assembling complicated geometric patterns or patterns, elegant and noble; The metallic luster of metal mosaic is cool and Avantgarde in different light. Although the customized shapes are not as rich as stone mosaic, they also have their own style

understand the characteristics and effects of mosaic of different materials, and choose according to the overall style of home, which can naturally create a completely personalized residence

in addition to the color texture of the mosaic itself, the seams left during laying cannot be ignored. The vertical and horizontal lines will tempt people's eyes to move with them. Create a visual feeling of infinite extension of space

mosaic with infinite creativity

exquisite and changeable, arbitrary collocation is the biggest advantage of mosaic. Using it to decorate the room can achieve the same pleasure and sense of achievement as artistic creation. Different people will get unique effects by using their own unique ideas, and its application is far more than simple interior murals. As long as you are willing to use your hands and brain, Marseille can enrich and fill every corner of life

you can make a camouflage desktop out of fragmentary mosaics, or use it to decorate photo frames, vases, windowsills As long as you want

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