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Na Zhi Bu Er Yue Zhangjiagang factory opened today

on May 15, the consumer panel industry in China experienced a certain degree of oversupply. Japan Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting its prestigious Nachi brand in China, and its 55th company, Na Zhi Bu Er Yue (Jiangsu) Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., held a grand opening ceremony today. Secretary of Zhangjiagang municipal Party committee ----- Liu Hesheng, President/Professor of Donghua University of technology, Xu Meijian, chairman and general manager of Na zhibueryue (Jiangsu) Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. 2 Sampling method for mechanical property test of welded joints gb/t 2649 ⑴ 989 Fumio Honda was present to congratulate

Nachi bueryue (Jiangsu) Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the South Zone of the national Zhangjiagang Economic and Technological Development Zone, and the first phase of the factory has been invested with us $300million. The newly built factory will become the core base for the company to expand its business in China. As a comprehensive machinery manufacturer, it will provide a variety of goods, services and solutions to customers in the automotive, construction machinery, working machinery, railway vehicles and aircraft industries whose demand is expected to increase significantly

Na Zhi Bu Er Yue (Jiangsu) Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. will make great contributions to Zhangjiagang, and then to China's economy and the entire industry in the future. Zhangjiagang municipal government expressed its gratitude to Buer Vietnam Co., Ltd. for coming to invest in "Xingye", and promised to cooperate fully and give the greatest support

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