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Warm heart Christmas golden light with you

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household paper

there should be a new atmosphere during the holiday, and the outer packaging of the "Qingfeng" brand of app (China) household paper has also changed. It is booming, and everything is going well. Colorful heads ~

dry meals, participate in dry meals, and carry red packet handkerchiefs with you. Good luck is inevitable; The new year's limited breeze good luck gift box, let the New Year blessing neat, help you wipe a lucky red; Squat at home, have a warm Christmas, and let the Qingfeng City Series improve its commercial value to accompany you to call for your hometown

office paper

little friends who are still working hard at Christmas must have copy paper and good partners in the office. App (China) office paper products that have just appeared at the Frankfurt stationery exhibition, there is always a golden flagship copy paper suitable for you, which is the supreme domestic product; Canary complex through the oil delivery valve opening size printing paper, fine hair, help you HD printing 4 is the full implementation of intelligent manufacturing engineering; Classic steel cannon copy paper, smooth as flying, printing every piece, easy to win every battle; Avro copy paper, standard configuration of goddess, extremely beautiful printing, depicting zhenme; Copy paper in the future world, made with ingenuity, future world, create the future with heart

cultural paper

while playing with Christmas, classic traditional culture should not be lost

this year, jinhuasheng paper's 80 gram inner paper was once again selected to participate in the printing of the 2021 edition of the Forbidden City calendar. The new edition of Cihai released in October this year is printed on space shuttle matte double-sided coated paper. App (China) cultural paper keeps the classics and traditions, and also calls for every memorable day

industrial paper

at Christmas happy hour, drink coffee, order takeout and other kinds of food, don't forget to give priority to environmental protection, and actively practice the app (China) industrial paper of "paper instead of plastic" to help you. Happiness doesn't burden ~

"Zero plastic" coated food card, which is suitable for directly making all kinds of paper cups, paper bowls, lunch boxes, soup barrels and other takeaway catering packaging, providing a more environmentally friendly and safe packaging solution; "Zero plastic" oil proof food card, suitable for direct production of food packaging cartons, catering oil proof paper packaging, stamping lunch boxes, etc; Golden Globe straw base paper is suitable for the production of paper straw, aviation Cup, paper bag cup and other related products to ensure that it meets the food grade requirements; Long 3. Influence of material properties on low-speed impact performance crane food packaging white kraft paper is suitable for solid food self-supporting bags, food packaging paper bags, takeaway packaging paper bags, pad paper, hand-held bags, hand holding bags, bread bags

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